• A Summer Bull Run Winery Engagement Shoot

Whenever we’re up near the Bull Run Winery area and we pass the historic battlefields, I think about how much my husband loves history! If you didn’t know, Michael was a history major in college and he knows a few things! My favorite facts he shares…. (well, sometimes I’m embarrassed! :) is his facts about statues. Did you know that the stance of the horse tells how the soldier riding the horse died? Michael never fails to share this fun fact whenever we shoot in a historic location!! Thankfully, Bruce loves History just as much as Michael!!

We LOVED walking about Bull Run Winery with these two, their pups and Britni’s sister! Engagements are when we get to know our couples and really feel comfortable with one another! This was SO natural with Bruce and Britni!! We loved our time with them and their adorable cocker spaniel pups!!! :) We walked around their venue and then made our way out to the battlefields before sunset and it was just perfect!! We chatted about the house building process and wedding plans and so much more. The longer we were with them, the more we felt like we had known them for a long time. We got in the car after the shoot and Michael said “Aw, they’re awesome!” and I agreed! So thankful that we get to work with such amazing people!!

Enjoy getting to know this new KJ couple and get excited because the next time you see them in this setting, they’ll be dressed to the nines and getting MARRIED!!! I can’t WAIT to be a part of their celebration! :)

Oh those faces!!

One of my FAVORITES!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this about me or not… but I LOVE me some ring shots!

You guys are such pros!

Beautiful you two!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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