• A Tuckahoe Plantation Anniversary Shoot

We have been planning this for what seems like a YEAR! It may actually be close to a year. Christy knew the she wanted anniversary portraits and so last week, in the humidity of late June, we made it happen and these two couldn’t have been more amazing! They live all over the place. I’m serious. I think they mentioned having close to 15 flights back and forth from California to the East Coast in the next few months. That’s just CRAZY!! But you know what? They are making it work.

I think relationships that can grow and thrive in the midst of stressful seasons are the strongest. These two would love to settle down and know that they are going to be in one place for years and years but that’s not what life looks like yet. And that’s ok! They have embraced the crazy and they are making the most of it! Christy’s enthusiasm for her job and and her clients is just amazing. I knew I loved her from the moment she walked into our workshop. Her sweet smile and genuinely positive attitude towards everything makes it impossible not to love her!!

It was an HONOR to be the one who got to capture this season of their marriage! After being together for close to ten years, their love deserved to be celebrated and that’s exactly what we did! Despite the humidity, we walked around the historic Tuckahoe Plantation. Michael read all about the history of the place (that’s his History major side coming out!) and it’s really amazing to think that we get to shoot in such historically epic locations in Virginia!!! I love this sweet session and I hope you do too!!

Styling | Elizabeth Anne Styling

Bridal Salon | Lovely Bride, DC

Florist | Floral and Bloom Designs

Ribbon | Frou Frou Chic

Hair Salon | Jewel Hair Design

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Marie-Laure reply

    Usually when I look through your pictures I have straight a few favorites. With this session it will be very very difficult to have to make a choice. I’m just crazy with all of them. I just can’t decide which ones to chose. This couple is a very lucky one with such great portraits

  2. Jill reply

    Oh my goodness so so stunning!!! LOVE the flower for an anniversary session- absolutely gorgeous!

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  4. Marquette Mower reply

    These are incredibly sweet and gorgeous!

  5. Elizabeth Ladean reply

    GORGEOUS, as always!!

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