• A William & Mary Campus Engagement Session

We have officially entered a season of our life where we feel old! I knew this day would come and I actually remember HOPING that this day would come 5-7 years ago when Michael was a full time youth pastor and I was really close to the kids… especially the girls. I remember thinking “You know, I hope one day down the road I’ll get a text or an email when these girls are all grown up and are engaged!” I remember that thought crossing my mind several times when I envisioned what our life would look like down the road. It’s so exciting that that season is HERE!!!

Amanda was always the one who I could never imagine being in a bad mood. Even when she was tired from practice or super busy with senior year, she was always so joyful. It’s impossible to be around her and not feel the happiness she exudes. Amanda is gorgeous, she’s brilliant and she’s also incredibly athletic. It makes sense that her future husband would be an athlete as well!!

These two met their freshman year at William and Mary. During their shoot we took pictures in front of their freshmen dorm and I asked them if they ever imagined that they would be back on their old stomping ground taking engagement photos together!! They love their campus. I can’t count how many times they both mentioned how much they loved being back there where it all began!! This is why I love photographing engagement sessions in a location that means a lot to our couples. They will forever have beautiful portraits where their story officially started to unfold!

The day of their session, there really wasn’t a chance of rain and yet somehow, it rained ALL EVENING. We decided to give their session a shot despite the weather conditions because they had already made the trip down to Williamsburg and so had we!!! Thankfully these two are so easy going that misty rain didn’t seem to phase them! I’m SO pleased with what we were able to capture despite the rain!! When you see how photogenic these two are, you’ll understand why it was so easy to create beautiful portraits on a cloudy, rainy day!

Michael and I feel so grateful that we are the ones who have the privilege of capturing this special season of Amanda and Christian’s life! I don’t know what I’m going to do at their wedding when it’s time for the daddy/daughter dance. I’m tearing up just thinking about it! I feel like we have had a front row seat watching Amanda grow up from her young high school years throughout college. Now she’s going to be a WIFE in a matter of months!! I love seeing God write this part of her story and we are so grateful that He has given her such an incredible man to spend the rest of her life with!!!!

Enjoy getting to know these two through their engagement session and get excited for their wedding day next year!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Naveen Kumar reply

    Wow you both are made for each other! All of the credits goes to the wedding photographer who has done a wonderful job by capturing the candid shots in a unique way and I really loved all of this pictures. God luck and way to go Katelyn!

  2. Amanda Johnson reply

    Katelyn!!!! You truly can make any rainy day look incredible. Thank you for these images, we will treasure them forever. Can’t wait until wedding day!!
    Christian & Amanda

  3. Rebekah Carter reply

    I love her outfits. And all the ring shots here are amazing. Great work!

  4. Stephen Davison reply

    Absolutely beautiful couple, made for each other. Excellent and natural photography by the wedding photographer.

  5. mariel. reply

    This couple really match together !!!!

  6. ManiKandan reply

    Perfect Click ,Beautiful couple ! Really They look so amazing together.

  7. Matthew Pasheoni reply

    I don’t have kids, but I totally feel you on the “feeling old” part of this post!

  8. fanfiction reply

    I like your photos, look 2 you are very happy!

  9. Laura Katie reply

    What a sweet couple!

  10. Sourav Haldar reply

    wonderful couple….nice photographs…really stunning..

  11. shubhashis kar reply

    WOW!!!!!! Excellent Photography…so nice..Good Work.

  12. Palash Mukhopadhyay reply

    Lovely !!! Awesome..Really nice photography….good job…

  13. Sanjay Mishra reply

    Thank you for these simple yet amazing ideas….

  14. Nupur Mukherjee reply

    Nice photographs that gave me some fresh feelings.

  15. manas chakroborty reply

    ohh a great romantic picture. thanks for sharing it

  16. sourav halder reply

    Nice romantic photographs that gave me some nostalgia feeling

  17. sourav halder reply

    Best wedding collection forever, thanks for the post

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