The 2011 Wedding Recap

  • A Year of Bling!

posts! They are so much fun and did I mention EASY?! I’ve already blogged these images once, I just have to gather them up again and wa-la! It’s a fun post recapping an amazing year of BLING!  Whew! Countless diamonds have passed through my hands and I’m happy to say that I’ve never dropped one in a drain or in a river… I’m VERY careful! (All the newly engaged gals out there are gasping at the thought of that!:) I love ring shots and the reason I’m doing a “Recap” post on BLING is because I made it a goal last year to get better at my ring shots. I only took a few ring shots in 2010 that I really LOVED and so I wanted to improve.

Well the only way to improve is to shoot MORE. So I started shooting the engagement ring during every engagement session. Some photographers would say this is a waste of time because they are going to get shots of their rings on the wedding day. Well, I disagree. This was my time to improve my ring shot skills! When my couples are changing into outfit #2… I take the ring and I start shooting! What else am I going to do when they’re changing?! I might as get acquainted with my 100mm macro IS! (Which I highly recommend!) I’m happy to say that the phrase “practice makes perfect” really is a legit saying. The more you do something, the more you will understand it and master it. Now I haven’t mastered ring shots… NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. However, I have improved since 2010 and here are some favorites from 2011! Enjoy and happy Tuesday!

Taken on an old sign in Williamsburg:)

I have a thing for cupcakes:)

One of my FAVS!

Cotton Candy!! 

Taken on a pumpkin!

Taken on a fire hydrant…people passing me on the street were staring!

Taken on a leather chair…

Taken on Bev’s vows:)

Who knew dead leaves were so photogenic!?

Another favorite! This one took forever!

You know how I feel about this one….:)

Adrienne has such a beautiful diamond!

Again with the cupcakes…

This is the stripe of a parking lot on UNC’s campus.

This is on a trashcan.

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  1. Abby Grace reply

    I love this post. Your ring shots actually inspired me to push myself in terms of shooting engagement rings. I thought I could get by without a macro for a while there, then I realized I was dead wrong. Yours are so vibrant and full of joy!

  2. Amy reply

    Haven’t mastered it?? You’re crazy, these are amazing!!

  3. Elizabeth reply

    wow, that is a lot of bling!!! :) fabulous job katelyn!!! love all of them!

  4. Beverly Lilly reply

    each one of these shots are a piece of art. your gift with “having an eye” comes through these pictures and sets you a part from other photographers. you know i love the rings shots!!

  5. Sidney Morgan reply

    HOLY MOLY. These are probably the greatest ring shots I have ever seen. SO BEAUTIFUL. You are so awesome and inspiring, Katelyn!

  6. Suzanne Brewer reply

    LOVE all of these!!! So glad you posted this…. ring shots are a goal of mine for 2012 and this was just the inspiration I needed! Happy New Year! :)

  7. Alicia White reply

    Girl – these “rock”!!! You inspire me to challenge myself in 2012 the same way u did for this year — u go girl <3

  8. emily reply

    gorgeous! each and every one is so individually beautiful. you did a great job creating variety! i think you NAILED your goal!

  9. Becca reply

    So so so good!!! They are excellent!!! Really on a trashcan & parking lot stripe?! You make all the bling look auh-mazing!! I used an entire page of the signing guestbook dedicated just to the ring shots cause they are my favvvvvvv! That and the shots of the flowers- they made the cut over us pics which is saying mad skill on your end cause we’re pretty cute ; )

  10. jade reply

    wow wow wow wow wow… Love it… You are unreal!! awesome work…

  11. Ryan Shaughnessy reply

    Awesome! 411 = my #2 pride and joy :)

  12. Deborah Zoe reply

    I see my ring!!:):)

  13. jamie reply

    i love your ring shots! they all are amazing and have beautiful light in them!

  14. Mim Leggette reply

    Aahsome work … many ways can you photograph a wedding ring…..Hummm……. you name…….you did it!……………just beautiful !!

  15. Girish reply

    Fantastic ! love the details and various ideas. Did you use a macro lens for this.

  16. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    That’s it! I’m buying a macro lens. AMAZING ring shots, Katelyn! :)

  17. Lydia reply

    Katelyn, these are perfect! Love how each one is so unique and beautiful! I’m determined to up my game this coming year!

  18. Katie Barber reply

    I love this post!!! The bright colors are incredible, and I love how creative you are (fruit, trash can, leaves, cupcakes, etc) with where to shoot the rings. You are so talented!!

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  20. Annetta reply

    I LOVE this post. You have many different, creative ways to showcase those diamonds and they are beautiful!

  21. meghan hochgesang reply

    so many beauties!! amazing and creative shots.

  22. Brittnie Worley reply

    you are so talented!! i enjoy so much looking at your pictures, so excited to have you photograph my day!!!! ps the trashcan idea made me laugh but the ring looks so gorgeous you would never know it was on a trashcan lol

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  24. Sherrie reply

    Wow Katelyn, I’m so inspired. Beautiful work! Such color, clarity depth and wonderful composition. You Rock!

  25. Sherrie reply

    Daughter just got married. Thought Their Ring shots could have been more creative. Was thinking of shooting their rings post wedding, Had some ideas. After seeing your work I’m totally going to do it. Awesome photographs.

  26. Tanja reply

    These are so pretty! :)

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