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If you knew AJ, you would understand why I got so excited when he asked me if I would take engagements for him and his new wife-to-be! I met AJ my freshman year of college because he played on our worship team for Intervarsity. He’s one of those people that can make practically ANYTHING fun! I knew there wouldn’t be a dull moment or hint of awkwardness during their session!  I had never met Michele but I knew she had to be incredible and she was! I LOVED watching the two of them interact. AJ would say something funny that was  followed with a semi-feminine gesture and Michele would just roll her eyes and laugh.  I know she’s probably laughed at his jokes a million times but somehow never gets tired of them. They truly are a dynamite couple that share an amazing friendship. I wish them the best with their new life together! Happy planning and thanks for letting me be a part of the process!!

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  1. Laura McG reply

    It makes me so happy to see all these. =)

  2. AJ McGraw reply

    you are amazing! I’m so happy with these pictures! Thank you so much!!!!!!! :)

  3. Lauren W. reply

    Oh my goodness! how adorable :)

  4. Laura Metzger reply

    Gorgeous photos! You did a great job! I am a friend of Michele’s and you captured those two and their personalities so well!

  5. A.J.’s mom reply

    You did a fantastic job on these photos!!! Love the music & hope to meet you some day.

  6. Mary Marantz reply

    these are awesome! you got some amazing light in these!

  7. Meg reply

    Love those last ones with the coat! Wish it got colder here so I’d have some different landscapes- but no, sunny year round! ;)

  8. sarah brawley reply

    SOOOOOOO i swear this guy looks like michael phelps!!! like whoa!

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