• Tyler + Katie | Engaged Part 2

to beat a glacier but I’m equally excited about this second part of Tyler and Katie’s engagement session because we were TOTALLY at the right place at the right time! If we had been just 5 minutes later, we would have been rained out and the shots on the water would have been hazy and grey. We pulled off of the Seward Highway just in time to catch some of the sun’s final rays because the storm clouds rolled in. You can actually see the storm coming in the background of the images! Tyler and Katie are such pros! We took ALL of these in a total of probably 45mins and that’s including travel time! Whew!

After the storm rolled in, we hopped in the car and drove to the other side of the city. We out ran the rain and pulled off of the road again when the sunset light was just too unbelievable to pass up! We were headed to a different destination but when the rainbow appeared, we knew it was time to just shoot on the side of the road and make it happen!!! I have been telling Katie and Tyler ALL week that we were so blessed with the weather and light we had for their shoot!! It was amazing!!! It’s going to be really hard to come back to Virginia and look at our “Mountains” the same way! :) Virginia is stunning but Alaska has taken our breath away! I cannot WAIT for another reason to shoot there again! Anniversary session anyone!? :)

We have decided that because we love Alaska so much, this is going to be ALASKA WEEK on the blog! If the Discovery Channel can dedicate a FULL WEEK to SHARKS… we can dedicate a full week to ALASKA! Woohoo!!! So get excited because these aren’t the final images of our trip, this is really just the beginning!!

Tyler and Katie’s engagement session is by far one of the most exciting shoots I’ve done in a long time. I wasn’t just shooting in an epic location, I was photographing a friend who I have known since she was BORN! That’s right… we grew up together!! We’ve known Katie her whole life and it’s so exciting to be a part of this awesome season with her and Tyler!! I think it’s safe to say that this girl is SO HAPPY to be getting married! She’s beaming in these images!! The next time you see portraits of these two will be on their wedding post and we are SO excited for them!!! Enjoy PART TWO!!!

Seriously?! They’re such naturals!! Katie is walking down train tracks in wedges and is making it look easy! 

Look at that gorgeous ring!!!! Gah! 

Let the epic “stormy” light begin!!!…

Gosh I’m in love with this spot!!!

You two couldn’t be any cuter! 

I’m tempted to photoshop Katie’s hair red and act like this is us so that I can have a canvas of it in our house!!!

Again… these were taken in a matter of 15ish minutes do to the impending storm! They’re so good!!

Katie you’re going to make the most beautiful bride!!! 

And the wind started to pick up right before the heavens let loose!! 

We out ran the rain and found a little pull off on the side of the road to shoot before the sun set… and Michael picked this bouquet… It’s like he’s done this a time or two! We were just letting Katie practice for October!!!:)

Her ring is Tacori! I’ve loved those rings for years! Such gorgeous settings! 

And THIS is what we were working with! 

We had a split second of the ideal light with a rainbow!! This will probably stay in my portfolio forever!! 

Love this!!

Stay tuned for more of ALASKA WEEK!!!!

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  1. molly @ still being molly reply

    omyGAHHHHHHHHHH. Katelyn. These. I’m speechless.

  2. Lelia Marie reply

    I’d go to Alaska for an anniversary Session! Or New Zealand… or Austria…. where should we go? :-)

  3. Anna Burke reply

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THESE :) Absolutely fabulous… Would it be weird to have my sister’s engagement session plastered all over my house?!?!?

  4. gayle reply


  5. Ashley Herrinton reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Oh man, I can’t wait for their wedding!!!

  6. Kathryn Grace reply

    Love, love, LOVE!

  7. elizabeth reply

    Oh my! #gorgeousness Even a rainbow?!!

  8. Casi reply

    I’m thinking that the next time I am set to do my next set of headshots (which I am due for) will be in Alaska after seeing these photos. Talk about an epic photography adventure!!!

  9. Lindsey LaRue reply


  10. Andrea reply

    OH MY GAWWWD these are just amazing! Love Love Love!

  11. Kat reply


  12. Abbey Kurtz reply

    This not only cements the fact that I have to hire you if I ever become engaged, but also makes me want to move to Alaska. These are incredible!

  13. KAtie and Tyler! reply

    Katelyn!!! You’ve outdone yourself! We LOVE these so much!! And once again can’t wait to see them plastered all over whatever home we end up in! Thanks for documenting this season of life so perfectly for us. See you on 10.22.14!!!

  14. elizabeth reply

    what an amazing shot the one with the rainbow….you have to make that into a canvas…just stunning.

  15. Olivia J reply

    What BEAUTIFUL work! Absolutely LOVE these!

  16. Kristina W. reply

    Hahahaha! I laughted out loud when I read that you’d consider photoshopping her hair red so that you could hang the canvas in your house. That rainbow photo is probably my favorite photo of yours of all time! Just incredible.

  17. Tiffany McClure reply

    just FANTASTIC!!! I’m looooving all of these!! Alaska would definitely be an ideal place to shoot! Thanks for always being so inspiring :)

  18. Katie reply

    Speechless!!!!!! These are beyond amazing!!!!!!!

  19. Marscel Harris-Parker reply

    Good Lord Katelyn, you out did yourself this time. I really do enjoy coming to your blog during the week and seeing the great, solid images that you photograph…oh, but today!!!

    The light…The Couple…The Scenery! Just Amazing and you have made me fall in love with your work all over again.

    They’re going to have the hardest time choosing which for a canvas, lol!

  20. Judy Cleek reply

    Katelyn & Michael, TERRIFIC! These pictures are absolutely amazing/awesome. You have outdone yourselves on these – so glad to have them and by such professionals. Thank you for sharing –

  21. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    That photo with the rainbow is incredible.

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