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stole the show for the beginning of Alex and Nikki’s downtown Richmond engagement session. (I’m getting kinda used to these sessions in the fan! They’re fun!) Charlie is Alex’s GORGEOUS Golden Retriever and little Roxie is Nikki’s Lopsa poo.  Cutest little family ever! I loved my time with them, all four of them! After we left the furry ones at home  and continued the session… I almost called Alex “Charlie” on several occasions.  ha! Alex and Nikki are two of the sweetest, most down to earth people I have had the opportunity to work with.  Walking around with those two and hearing their story and more about their wedding made me so thankful for my job!

The longer I seem to do this, the more I love the clients that come my way! It’s like a gift every time I get an email from a bride with a TON of exclamation marks, exclaiming that they have followed the blog for a few years and now it’s THEIR TURN! It’s so exciting!!! I love it. Nikki was actually a bridesmaid in Lauryn and Jared’s wedding last summer (one of my all time favorite weddings!) So I knew when Nikki booked that I was going to LOVE being a part of their big day! They have awesome friends, beautiful smiles and their getting married in the country… what more could I ask for?!


Alex and Nikki, you two rock! I had a blast with you guys! Thanks for bearing the cold and being willing to sit, stand, laugh, stare, twirl, etc for your crazy photographer! I absolutely loved the way your images turned out!! Enjoy a ton of my personal favorites and give Charlie and Roxie and hug for me!

Can you please just take a look at Roxie?! This is what she does when she wants some lovin. She stand on her hind legs and waves her paws at you….I want one Michael!!!

Oh and Charlie….Charlie knows how good he looks…and he was a bit of a camera hog.

Here come the good ones:)  Nikki your model face rocks! Love it!

Love this!

This whole little series is my favorite!!!

I told you I’m working on my ring shots… I don’t normally take ring shots during engagement session but I had my macro with me and I shot a quick one.  I may just have to start doing that more often!

Outfit change!

I hadn’t used my 24mm all day so I thought this would be a good time to!

After those shots we were done, it was getting dark and chilly…. but then we passed this old garage and I HAD to take a couple more! Thank you MarkII for having great ISO capabilities!

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  1. Michael reply

    These look great….I want a Dog too! The ring shot is AMAZING! Awesome Job

  2. Lauryn reply

    OH. MY. GREAT. GOODNESS. Im laughing! Im crying! Nikki, you are unbelievably beautiful and Alex I love the way you make her laugh and feel! AH!!! I can’t wait for June!!

  3. stephanie b reply

    That ring shot is seriously great!!!! I loved all their pictures :)

  4. nikki reply

    katelyn, THANK YOU!!!!!! these are so amazing, and so US! i am so so so so excited to show these to everybody i know. :) ps: you can bring michael to meet roxie anytime!!

  5. Hope reply

    Love this shoot! Wish I had fall leaves like that here in Texas. :)

  6. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Love the fall colors! Great shots.. beautiful couple!!

  7. stephanie reply

    katelyn, these are awesome! My faves are the last few ones where they’re in that brick alcove/alley thing (I don’t know how to explain it haha)! Bright and crisp…great job! :D

  8. Billie reply

    Katelyn, WoW!!!! You are awesome…love this shoot!!!!!

  9. Lauren B reply

    This engagement session is so cute! :)

  10. Brittany reply

    LOVE that red tree and door!!!

  11. katie B reply

    can i say GORGEOUS, the foliage, and the ring shot is precious girl :)))) you have such a GIFT!! <3

  12. katie yuen reply

    love the ring shot! love that red door! love basically everything else about this post. i can’t wait to be one of those brides!

  13. Greg reply

    Michael – skip the dog – go for the children instead. Your babysitting options improve I think. Grea pics – love the Fan, too.

  14. heather megaw reply

    these pictures are really wonderful! love you all! – dogs included :)

  15. Natalie reply

    These are so cute Nikki & Alex! I love how Charlie and Roxie stole the show. Can’t wait to see your wedding photos!

  16. Nicole Lawson reply

    I love the ring shot too! Gorgeous shoot :)

  17. Michael Wilson reply

    Great pictures! Yall are awesome

  18. Cat Irby reply

    Love love love the pictures! I’m so glad you guys included Charlie and Roxie too!

  19. Michael reply

    Your personalities really come out in these pictures. Love that your dogs are in most of the pictures too!

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  21. Amy Goldstein reply

    You look so in love. I love the photos and am so happy for you all. :)

  22. Helen reply

    Holy smokes! These photos are incredible. My friends are so darn good-looking.

  23. Marie reply

    These are amazing! You guys look so great and I think you found the most beautiful places around to take the pics!

  24. Scott reply

    These pictures are perfect for you too! What a great looking couple!

  25. Casey reply

    ahh, these pictures are amazing!! Yall both look GORGEOUS!

  26. R reply

    These photos rock; I know Nikki, Alex, Charlie and Roxie, and they all look fabulous in these pictures. I love your work!

  27. britney reply

    omgosh i love the puppies, and the ring, and the shot of them and that amazing tree… and the couple of course!

  28. Holly reply

    These are beautiful! Congratulations!

  29. Kaitlin Fulkerson reply

    Great pictures!!!!

  30. Kelly Anne reply

    Oooohhh! I love these photos — beautiful people, beautifully photographed :o) I’m so happy for you two!

  31. Paige reply

    These are beautiful! Congrats from your sisters at Chi O!

  32. Anne reply

    Oh wow! you guys are adorable. The brick and the leaves are just beautiful and so are youtwo!

  33. Emelie reply

    The pictures are beautiful and it looks like y’all had a blast taking them! So excited for you Nikki! The puppies…JUST SOOO CUTE!

  34. jen reply

    These pictures are beautiful!

  35. Katie Lee reply

    These are so beautiful. You look like a real model Nikki! You two look so happy. I wish you both the best!

  36. tammy reply

    You look good together. They are great pictures

  37. Jessica reply

    congrats nikki! xoxo

  38. Lindsay reply

    Nikki, you and your fiancee look so happy, and these pictures are beautiful. Congrats and SO MUCH CHI O LOVE from your LG sisters.

  39. Sam Freed reply

    I love these photos. The pics with the dogs are adorable, such sweet faces.

  40. Claire reply

    Nikki and Alex, these are wonderful! Congratulations!!

  41. Benita Payne reply

    The photos of you & Alex are just awesome She really captured your love in these photos!! Congratulations, you guys make a lovely couple!!

  42. Swade reply

    These are amazing! Congrats Nikki and Alex!!!

  43. alli flicker reply

    these pictures are beautiful! congrats nikki!

  44. Tracy reply

    These are so beautiful!!! Congratulations!

  45. Katie Rarig reply

    you look gorgeous! xoxo, Katie

  46. Carrington reply

    These are wonderful! Congrats!!!

  47. Julie reply

    Nikki, great grandbig, lg sistah, you look lovely and very happy with your fiance! congrats!

  48. Sarah Beth reply

    SO Pretty Nikki!

  49. Becca reply

    Nikki and Alex you guys look amazing! I’m so excited for both of you. Hopefully some of these will make it onto the McGrady’s wall haha

  50. Andrew Shaw reply

    these are TO CUTE!!!

  51. Meg Holland reply

    Congrats, you two! So beautiful…and so happy for you!

  52. Emily reply

    Nikki- these are amazing! Congrats on your engagement! I’m so excited for you! :)

  53. Joanne reply

    Beautiful Pictures – You can see the Love you have for each other ! !

  54. Sara reply

    NIKKI! You and your furry fam look amazing. I am so happy for you. Cheers to you all!

  55. sydney reply

    GORGEOUS RING and photos. So happy for you both!

  56. sydney reply

    Yay! Looks amazing. Great photos.

  57. Sara reply

    Beautiful people and beautiful photos! Congratualtions to you both!

  58. Maggie reply

    Nikki, you are so beautiful! That groom ain’t too shabby lookin

  59. Andrew Shaw reply

    omg these are TO CUTE!!!!

  60. Karen Rogers reply

    My favorite is 1444.

  61. Erin reply

    Beautiful People!

  62. Cindi reply

    Absolutely beautiful, you two! Wishing you every happiness!

  63. Anna (Hooten) Humphries reply

    Congratulations!!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  64. Lauren reply

    You look gorgeous Nikki! These are fantastic, love the fall colors and the shoot with the pups :)

  65. Rachel and Preston reply

    Your pics are beautiful. So excieted to see you two engaged.We loved seeing Roxie and Charlie, Charlie looks GREAT(have to say I’m a little partial to him)

  66. Cathy reply

    What great pictures!! They look so happy:) All the best to the happy couple!!!!!

  67. Jen reply

    These are awesome. All four of you look amazing! Congrats!!

  68. Mallory reply

    The ring shot is amazing!! :)

  69. Rudy reply

    sweet pictures.

  70. Rudy reply

    alex is a goofball

  71. Carrie reply

    A-la-natural and simple perfect in every way!

  72. Rebecca reply


  73. Bella reply

    Stunning images! Absolutely breathtaking captures. Roxie and Charlie–you’re rock stars! Nikki and Alex, what a gorgeous couple!

  74. Kathy reply

    She did an amazing job of capturing both of your personalities! Love the pictures and both of you!!!

  75. Jamie reply

    Stunning! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple! (and dogs!)

  76. Allie reply

    Nickolas I love the pictures! You Alex Roxie and Big Furry look absolutely wonderful!

  77. Eileen reply

    I love the pictures. You two are a special couple and the pictures captured that! The one of the four of you is amazing!

  78. Ashley reply


  79. Lyndsey reply

    I love these pictures Nikki!! You are gorgeous and Alex is adorable!!

  80. Ankit reply

    These are some BEAUTIFUL pics! Thanks for sharing!

  81. LaVater reply

    Great pictures…Congratulations

  82. Ashley reply

    Congrats you too!!! love you both so much!

  83. Sara Duke reply

    these are so wonderful!! yall look great and I hope you are enjoying being Richmonders!!

  84. Jackie reply

    You both look amazing! I love the pictures with your dogs – what a cute touch! Congratulations to you both!

  85. Michelle reply

    These photos are beautiful. You both look SO happy!!! Congratulations to you both!

  86. Heather reply

    I just love these pictures. You guys look so happy and I love the Richmond architecture :). Beauuuutiful! Miss you lots!

  87. katie reply

    love love love the puppies!!! anyone that knows me knows that i love puppiesss!!! and what cuties they were! yes charlie is a bit of a camera hog! haha i love it

    and i loooved the 2nd outfit that they both wore. love fall and i loved the bright red leaves against the white fence
    so great kait !!! :)

  88. michelle reply

    so beautiful!

  89. Eileen reply

    Lovely! I knew Alex when he was just a teenager. Best wishes to bride and groom AND photographer!

  90. Katie Wall reply

    Congratulations on your engagement AND such beautiful pictures, Nikki! I’m sending warm wishes for a happy marriage your way! xoxo

  91. Emma reply

    Amber Nicole Melton, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! these pictures are so great! I am so so so happy for you and Alex :)

  92. Audrey reply

    awesome pics, awesome couple, awesome dogs!!

  93. Janet (Nikki’s mom) reply

    Beautiful photos of two very special people!!! Congratulations Nikki and Alex! Love you!

  94. Alex reply

    ahhh! These are some of my new favorites. you captured their love perfectly! omg and their dogs are so cute, i just want to squeeze them.

  95. Dale (Nikki’s dad) reply

    Great pictures! Careful with that ring! Ha ha. Nikki looks beautiful as always.

  96. name*Patty K reply

    What a beautiful family. Nikki, you are gorgeous, but you know that for me, Charlie stole the show!

  97. Kirstin reply

    ahh Nikki, these look so great!!! :) All the settings are adorable…. y’all look so cute in these pictures!

  98. Brennan Crowder reply

    you guys look almost as good as the babies!! these pictures really are fantastic – they’re very “you”, which I thought would be hard to capture, but these are perfect. i am SO happy for you guys. lots of love!

  99. Kristina reply

    You too are so cute! These pictures are amazing! :)

  100. Jill reply


    These pics look great! Love the beautiful fall photos and the beautiful couple!

  101. becky reply

    LOVE THESE PICTURES YALL! my favorites are the laughing ones :) yall look so incredibly happy!! can’t help but be ECSTATIC for you!!!!

  102. Aunt Debbie(Nikki’s) reply

    Absolutely awesome. Several were favorites of mine. The one sitting on the sidewalk and looking through the tree branches and the ring peaking through the beautiful fall leaves. Great pictures – all of them. But both of you are so gorgeous and you really look so much in love in all of these pictures. LUV YA!

  103. Stephanie Dodge reply

    absolutely love these pictures! so nice to see a beaming chi o :) you both look wonderful and i love the pictures of you two laughing together. also, the shot of the engagement ring turned out beautiful, particularly how it was set against the fallen leaves.

  104. Alex reply

    You guys look so great!

  105. Elliott reply

    Alex looks like a lumberjack with that beard. Nice pictures though bud

  106. Frances reply

    nikki these pictures are simply beautiful! you both look so so happy and I love the fall colors!

  107. Lisa Kochersperger reply

    You’ve captured the love so sweetly. The colors and backgrounds are brillant! Congratulations!

  108. Emily reply

    Congrats, Nikki! Your pictures are wonderful – I’m so excited for you!

  109. Margaret reply

    These pictures are stunning! You both look fabulous (as do Rox and Charles, obv)! I can’t wait for the wedding ones. Lovelove you!

  110. Kristen reply

    I love these so much! So beautiful! I miss y’all

  111. Liz reply

    These pictures are so cute! You guys look adorable. Great photography! Miss and love you guys.

  112. Ryan reply

    Beautiful pictures! I particularly like the one with Roxy pushing her way to the front to wave for the camera!

  113. Jen Bristol reply

    These pictures are incredible! Nikki, I’m so so happy for you!! Love and miss you<3

  114. Katie reply

    Nikki! You look soo beautiful in all of your pictures and I know that yall are going to be so happy! Casey, Caroline, and I HAVE to visit soon. Love you!

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