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I took a break… a long break…. a much needed break. After shooting weddings back to back all summer long and trying to plan my own, I was tired. I had a few little meltdowns….my family may disagree with the “little” part but hey, I made it! After the wedding Michael and I had 4 days to live at home… at OUR HOUSE before we left for the honeymoon and it was the best decision ever.

I think the day after the wedding I took a 4 and a 1/2 hour nap!

I needed a break  from my job,  from the computer screen and from my lifestyle in general. Going to bed at 4am and getting up at 9 is not normal!! So I took all of October off and didn’t have my first session until this past

Monday! It was the perfect amount of time! I was so ready to get back to shooting people! (Only photographers can say that and get away with it!:)

So Monday I had the pleasure of hanging out with Amber and Tim. Let me just say that I LOVE THEM! I met both of them at Jackie and Jason’s wedding last December and fell in LOVE with the Banta family. When Amber emailed me and told me that she was engaged I was thrilled!!! Now I get to celebrate with their family all over again!! I have an awesome job. I love it. Amber and Tim made my job super easy because they just naturally love on each other and the camera loves that! Their session was perfect and I cannot wait to spend more time with this sweet couple at their beautiful April wedding! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

get. it. girl. Amber this is a favorite!!!

Ohhh even though it was the WORST time of the day to shoot….they worked it… well.

Aren’t they just beautiful people?! I have beautiful clients! Now imagine Amber as a bride! oh my gosssh! April can’t get here soon enough!

The end! Remember if you liked a pose or the light or just had a favorite… add it to your DesignBook!

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  1. Michael reply

    YESSSS!!!! I love some fall engagement shoots! These are awesome. Why don’t we lay in the leaves at maymont? Put it on your calendar we are going to play in the leaves at maymont soon!

  2. Brittany reply

    LOVE these fall shots!!

  3. Julie reply

    This is definitely one of my favs! I LOVE fall and LOVE all the leaves in the pictures. Not to mention, your subjects are gorgeous. Not many guys are that cooperative! Beautiful work, Katelyn.

  4. Meredith reply

    What a perfect fall engagement session! So pretty!

  5. Alex reply

    so romantic! I cannot wait for their wedding!!!!!!
    p.s. you are so silly and im glad you enjoy “shooting” people.

  6. sharon reply

    yay!! so happy to have you back!!!! great shots katelyn!

  7. Allison reply


  8. Rachel reply

    My boyfriend just took me on an adventure date day at Maymont! The whole time I kept thinking of all of the possible portrait shots I would love to do there. Great work, as usual =)

  9. Kristina N. reply

    Yay for fall engagement pictures! :) They’re beautiful!

  10. Katie reply


  11. Shannon reply

    KK if that is the worst time of day to shoot, you beyond rocked it :) I think the light looks perfect. This is one of my favorite engagements you’ve done, beautiful as always!

  12. Elise reply

    I love these a lot!!!!!! I love the ones in the leaves

  13. Lynn W reply

    These are amazing! You really captured their emotions. Beautiful!

  14. Elizabeth reply

    Gorgeous!!!!! Incredible as always!!!!!

  15. Karan Hodges reply

    GREAT pictures!!! Tim and Amber will have WONDERFUL wedding pictures – – you did another fantastic job Katelyn…….

  16. Emy reply

    I love michael’s comment… ya’ll are cute! I also love these pictures, so GOOD!!!!

  17. Sami reply

    I love these pictures! The ones of them laying in the leaves are my favorite!

  18. Erin Cefalu reply

    Love Love Love the leaf ones! Great job!

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