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We are literally rushing out the door for family vacation! RUSHING.  Shouldn’t this be relaxing? You would think so!! Once we get to the lake and have no internet I’m sure it will be a little more on the peaceful side. I apologize in advance for the emails that are not going to get returned and the blog posts that are not going to be posted. I think I need a break and even though this is only a short break, having a few days with no voicemails, emails, and photoshop is going to be good for me:)

A few months ago I posted a sneak peek of Anna’s Bridal session and I made you wait all the way until NOW! Here they are! Justin and Anna were married this past Saturday and as much as I love her bridal session, I love their wedding portraits even more! Stay tuned for their wedding post!

Anna, I love you! You’re beautiful and you make a gorgeous bride! Congrats Mrs. Burke!!!

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  1. Tonya reply

    Hi, I just saw your ad on facebook, I’ve loved photography for so long, but I’ve always had the question in my mind of how people take pictures the way that they do or how do they get them to look the way that they do. Is it just a trick of the lenses? That’s what I heard that it just depends on the kind of lenses that you have. Does this make a big difference?

  2. Stephanie reply

    GORGEOUS! I especially love the black and white ones by the horses!

  3. Mrs. Burke reply

    I just wanted you to see my new name, KK :) Thanks for posting my pics before you went on vacation! I can’t wait for you to get back and post our wedding portraits! LOVE YOU!

  4. Charity DellaCamera reply

    ANNA!!! You knew I would be among the first to post :) You look amazing! Katelyn they are beautiful, what a great location!! Congratulations Anna, you make a beautiful bride!

  5. Julie reply

    Katelyn-AWESOME pictures!! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. Since I couldn’t make the trip back down to the wedding, I really look forward to seeing everything in pictures. Anna-you are a beautiful bride!!! Congrats again Mrs. Burke. (but you will always be Anna banana to me!!)

  6. Josh reply

    I always love how you make use of random vintage/antique miscellaneous items in your pictures! They make it look different, interesting, unique? Like that one time when there was that yellow door? Awesome!

  7. britney reply

    i love her hair! and the black and white by the horse is beautiful! good pics kk. and good light!

  8. Susan reply

    The pictures are gorgeous. Anna’s dress was absolutely delightful! Sorry I was unable to make the wedding; it definitely looked like a blast. Susan Smith

  9. Girish reply

    Beautiful shots.

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