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  • Anxiety vs. Ambition

so many things changing for us and the business. Having a full time partner is amazing… and challenging. I’ve done this for 4 years on my own… and I’m MORE than willing to share the load!! …. But we’re still figuring out what that is going to look like. Our schedules are finally getting a little bit back to normal and that means that we’re ready to sit down and plan out this new phase of life together. What will our mornings look like? What will our responsibilities look like? What big projects should we attempt first? When are our work hours?  How many weddings can we commit to in 2013 since we’re a team now?

Whew! The questions keep coming!!!! They are literally never ending. Today we’re taking some time to talk through a lot of these unknowns and last night, before we went to bed, Michael reminded me that we won’t get EVERYTHING done today.  We’re not going to find answers and solutions and come up with a game plan in a matter of a few hours. I knew this…. but in my head, I wanted to figure everything out instantly….. and life just doesn’t work like that. I think it would be fair to say that Michael thinks I’m a bit anxious…. I like to call myself ambitious. So what’s the difference??  Is it even possible for a small business owner to not be anxious for the next step?  Philippians 4:6 says “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”.   Ok, so being anxious isn’t ok. The very root of the word “Anxious” stems from “Anxiety”, which isn’t pleasant. So how can I push my business forward, try to fix problems, and make sure I’m not falling behind without being ANXIOUS?!


The more I think about this, the more I realize that being AMBITIOUS is very different from being ANXIOUS. It’s not wrong to desire the next step for your business…. and it’s not wrong to dream about the future and PLAN for what lies ahead… but it is wrong to let those plans and dreams fill your life with worry and fear. In no way is that helpful. Michael’s right, I have been anxious about what lies ahead… and until today, I’ve thought that was ok because I’m a “business owner” and I’m supposed to be concerned about what is coming next. The truth is, I can keep my ambition and my drive to succeed… but I need to trust that God knows what He’s doing with KJP. He’s got a better business plan than I do!! I really believe that. I also believe that with trust comes freedom.  If I can trust God and lay down my anxiety about all that lies ahead, I’m actually being set free to dream even more! Anxiety and Ambition may seem similar but the reality is that “Anxiety” hinders “Ambition”.  Worrying about the future is NOT being ambitious at all. Ambitious business owners take steps to move forward…..Anxious business owners stay where they are and freak out about the future.  I don’t want to be one of those people.  I want to enter this new phase with confidence and I know that will only happen if I commit to trusting God with my business instead of trying to handle everything on my own. This isn’t just a “business” lesson…. this is a life lesson.



If you’re wondering which side of the fence you’re on, maybe this will help:


You may be ANXIOUS if you are:
Consistently worrying
Aren’t moving forward because of fears
Find yourself dreading the future
Not taking steps forward because of the chance that it won’t work out
Having trouble dreaming about the next phase of your life/business
Easily overwhelmed

So this morning, as we sit in Barnes and Noble and hash out the next phase of what is to come…. I’m going to be ambitious. I’m going to think big and dream bigger but my anxiety about the future will have to stay home. Here’s to a productive day of planning and prepping and dreaming!!!


ps. If you’re on FB at 3:00 (est), I’ll be on the PASS group chatting about my experience with PASS! Come be a part right HERE! 



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  1. Laura reply

    Amen, Katelyn! And I hope your plans fall into place perfectly. :-) See you online this afternoon!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    Oh, Katelyn… I love your vulnerability. I actually blogged about anxiety today, too! It’s SO easy to let your mind go and all of a sudden you’re stuck… worrying, fearful… and you are so right – there is FREEDOM in letting God control everything instead of you. Thank you for sharing this today!

  3. Seneca reply

    Thank you for this Katelyn! You inspire me! I’m doing the “moving forward” in my little business right now and I’ve been trying to focus on prayer and not worrying about everything! This reminder was great! :)

  4. Khaled Mosli reply

    Wise words Katelyn. Thanks for sharing. My wife and I were just talking about the same thing last night and slept a little over overwhelmed with a feeling from God that he will take care of it somehow sometime :) Glad to read your post first thing in the morning. Thanks

  5. Allison Mannella reply

    Thank you so much for this post today – I also needed this reminder!

  6. Megan reply

    Thank you for this post Katelyn. Although I am just in the beginning stages, I am a super anxious person! Anxious about the next photo shoot, anxious about the next wedding. I have to learn how to shut off the anxiety and bump up the confidence!

  7. Danielle Brooks reply

    Such a great reminder that God can do exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all that we can ask or imagine.

  8. Sara Winant reply

    Will be praying for you guys!! What’s great about our God is that he CAN handle it all – and our strength comes from him :)

  9. Katie Yuen reply

    Wow, how perfect that you posted this today. Last night I just wrote a huge post about my fear (and anxiety) over my business! So grateful to have amazing leaders like you in this industry!

  10. Christy Tyler reply

    Katelyn, you have NOTHING to be anxious about! You have ROCKED at this business thing since day one! You are such an inspiration and you should always remember that! I can’t wait to see what you and Michael do together!

  11. molly stillman reply

    katelyn i KNOW you both can do this. the Lord is on your side and He knows what you can do – fear not, for He is with you. worry not, for He is with you!

  12. Ashley Jock reply

    Katelyn, thank you for this!!!!! I have been very anxious the past couple weeks about where my business is going. My business just started to take off and I guess I have been afraid to fail. Thank you for your insight!!

  13. heather reply

    So many of us are right there with you! Hope you have a great day and enjoy having someone to walk through it with you :)

  14. Stephanie Stewart reply

    Love this post, and just what I needed this week…I’ve been planning and dreaming, but letting fear and anxiety hold me back…here’s to letting go of anxiety and letting God help me to be ambitious!

  15. Shelley Hohe reply

    Thank you so much for this post…perfect timing for what I am feeling this week. Being a wife, mom and homeschool teacher plus wanting to succeed in my photography business I feel this way quite a bit. I really need to learn when to let go and just trust in God! Thanks for this great reminder and sharing one of my favorite scriptures.

  16. Melissa Kate reply

    YAY for being ambitious! I just took a huge step with my photography and could not be happier about it! (Of course this came after months of anxiety…) I realized I’m so much better when I PLAN and take small steps rather than sitting and being anxious over a big step.

  17. Jennifer reply

    I’m there and prayerful and planning and on and on. Here’s to being ambitious!

  18. Justine Cirullo reply

    This is exactly where I’m at right now…. and so need this. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  19. Kimber Wassenberg reply


  20. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    GREAT post K!

  21. Kristina W. reply

    You two are going to do so welll! I believe in you and know you can do anything you set your mind to!

  22. caroline reply

    well said well said!
    love you lots and praying for you!

  23. ashlyn reply

    thanks, katelyn… i think i’m slightly anxious. everything about the anxious description described me! oops… I’ll have to work on being ambitious:)

  24. Jessica reply

    Katelyn, very well put! This is very thought-provoking & a great revelation… so glad you’ve shared! I think a lot of people struggle with anxiety, what it is and how to think of the future without being anxious. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m praying for you all :)

  25. erin walker reply

    katelyn, thank you for writing this post. i really needed to read this today…i often feel anxious & act like its just part of the business, when in reality, its a sign that i’m trusting in my own strength instead of relying on God’s! :)

  26. Angela Newton Roy reply

    This is so wonderful and such great advice, Katelyn! So well timed too, this was the topic at our small group up here this week. Can’t wait to share this post with them!

  27. Candace Berry Photography reply

    Thanks for sharing so honestly Katelyn:) Very much what I neeeded to be remined of today. Your blog entries are always a pleasure to read!

  28. ashley link reply

    God has a plan! trust Him! if He brought you to it, He’ll make it happen. you got this, girl! :)

  29. jamie reply

    I LOVE that verse Katelyn. Such a beautiful reminder that HE is in control of all of our steps.

  30. Karin reply

    Thanks Katelyn, this was great- there’s such an important distinction between anxiety and ambition and it’s a daily commitment to keep hearts and attitudes on the right path. And I love the little anxiety check-up list. : )

  31. Rebekah Nougaret reply

    Katelyn, I needed to read this today… Even though my profession is not photography but counseling, I too struggle with feeling anxious about if I am advising my clients correctly. There are times I doubt myself and feel so overwhelmed, but reading your post today put things back into perspective … Lay down all your burdens and fears before The Lord as He is in control of your life! May God continue to bless your business and your new ambitions!!!!

  32. Stephanie McDermeit reply

    Katelyn! I have loved reading your posts over the past year. Today, this one hit home. I have struggled in my business for sometime and am frustrated I have not found a solution. You have opened my eyes! I am terrified. I fit into everyone of your items on anxiousness. I want to thank you for your vulnerability and honesty! It is truly inspiring! I pray I will move forward with ambition from today on and no more fear! Thank you.

  33. Brianna Venzke reply

    I needed to read this. I’m praying for ambition and peace from my anxiety and for KJP as well, thank you so much for sharing!

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