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when life is getting a little crazy if you don’t remember the past month flying by. March was SO busy but it was a GREAT month!! Now it’s time to get down to business. April marks the beginning for us! We will be shooting weddings from now until November with a few little breaks here and there. Thankfully, April isn’t maxed out with weddings! I think God knew that we were going to be a little busy with the home building process. It’s almost a full time job trying to prepare for the move. Not only do we have to prep our current house for renters, we also have to prep for the NEW house!! So much to do! Here are a few HOUSE goals for April:

House Goals:

– Powerwash current house (or pay Corey to do it:)

– Paint kitchen and trim downstairs

– Have carpet and tile cleaned

– Deep clean everything!

– Start packing up the rooms we use the least: Youth Room, Study and surprisingly, the kitchen!

– Show the old house to potential renters

– Pick paint colors for the new house!! 

– Buy indoor AND outdoor fans for the new house.

– Continue the search for my dream farm table that won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

– Order the couch

– Find 3 light fixtures for the kitchen in new house.

– Start the final punch list


Whew! See what I mean? This is a full time job!! We’re so thankful for our Vacation time in March because now we’re moving full steam ahead! We close in less than two months AND wedding season is beginning! From a work perspective, here’s what’s in store for April:

– Shoot 4 April weddings!

– Shoot 7 Eshoots and host two coaching session days

– Speak at Atlanta’s Smug Mug meeting next week! Woohoo! 

– Participate in “Amazing Life Together : More Time for Love” Webinar that Liz and Ryan are hosting! It was just announced today! Take a peek!!!  So excited about this! 

– Last but not least, CONNECT is happening at the end of the month! We’re so excited to be helping Zach and Jody with this massive project! It’s going to be amazing and I’m so excited to see how God transforms marriages and businesses through this week long marriage retreat! 

So April seems to be the “Marriage” month! haha We’re still just in awe of how many amazing things God has put before us since we decided to dive into this business together. I’m SO incredibly thankful that I’m not doing this alone. I couldn’t keep doing this without help and Michael is my perfect companion for the job… and then Bokeh of course! :) As the craziness begins, we’re going to work really hard to remember that this business is not our LIFE… it’s just a small part of our life. I think it’s easy to become engulfed with work when the to-do is ever growing and the pressure is rising. We’re choosing not to fall into that trap. I’m going to try really hard to choose JOY over stress… because really, what does stress do for me anyway? Nothing…. except make me break out!!! Not cool!!

So here’s to warmer weather, no spring allergies and to an incredibly productive beginning to wedding season!!! Ps. Seriously check this amazing webinar out!! You don’t want to miss it!! And ps. I’m a little embarrassed that we’re the only ones with our DOG in our bio pic!!



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  1. Rachel reply

    Katelyn- my parents had a farm table made out of an old barn! So that might help with price :) surely someone in va can do that! Love the house btw!!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    SO awesome Katelyn! I’m so happy for you and Michael and all of the amazing opportunities the Lord has given you both through your business!

  3. Michelle reply

    To echo rachel’s comment: You should check out Ana White’s blog on DIY farmhouse tables. I am hoping my hubby will make me one when/if we ever close on our new house! There is a Reclaimed wood place in Richmond too! here is a post with really good instructions on how to do it yourself:

  4. ali W reply

    Katelyn – God is so good!! I love how he is working through you guys for the industry but more importantly for His glory!

  5. ali W reply

    There’s a cute old man who makes farm tables for 300-500… His name is Norman.

  6. Melissa Kate reply

    Looks like you have a fun month ahead!! Can’t wait to see your new home come together!!

  7. Ashlyn reply

    I don’t know how you do all you do!!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    I know you’re always crazy busy on your trips, but if you can, squeeze in a trip to the Georgia Aquarium while you’re in Atlanta to see the whale sharks and manta rays!

  9. Caroline reply

    awesome awesome awesome and suuuper exciting!!!!

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