• A Scottish Highlands Engagement Session

I didn’t really think her email was real when it made its’ way into my inbox! She is a bride who has followed my work for years, and she lives in FRANCE!!!! The internet is just an amazing thing. After several emails, we were booked to photograph Anais and Etienne’s European wedding in 2018!!! This will be our second french wedding in two years! We don’t know how that happened, but we’re so thankful for the opportunity to travel and work at the same time! 

We’ve photographed weddings overseas but normally our clients are from the US, and they are bringing us along for their destination weddings! This wedding is a little different, because Anais and Etienne are FROM France! This means that they SPEAK french, and that made our posing and communication quite hilarious!! Anais knows just enough english to communicate with us well, and so Michael went with me to demonstrate each pose and it worked out just fine for their engagement session!

These two flew all the way to SCOTLAND to meet us during our vacation! We found some gorgeous locations, and we are so thankful that we had a chance to meet them before their big day! They learned all about our posing system . . . we practiced slowing down and demonstrating our approach to posing in a way that was easy for them to understand! They couldn’t be sweeter, and I had to pinch myself that I was photographing a KJ Couple in The Highlands of Scotland!!!!

We walked through rocky creeks and streams, stepped in mush, dealt with some wind and fought off the “midgies”! (Scottish Mosquito-like bugs! ugh!) However, despite those small issues, we still had the most amazing time and captured images that I just love!! I can’t wait to share my favorites!! I can’t thank these two enough for sticking with me and really giving it their all for the sake of their images!

Thank you Etienne and Anais for being so amazing, and for Evy’s French music box. She absolutely LOVES it!!! You two are so wonderful and so joyful! Your excitement for your wedding makes me so excited to come back and photograph it!!! June 2018 can’t get here fast enough!!!

Anais you have the most beautiful eyes!!!

This is where we were attacked by midgies! But it was worth it! 


Sometimes the wind works in our favor! 

So much joy! 

Loved this beautiful spot! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Megan Kelsey Photography reply

    Gorgeous!!! That light is just stunning! I love the colors they wore too! Perfect for the backdrop!

    • Marie reply

      This post melt my heart. I’m a Frech woman and also a huge fan of katelyn james photography so…. I’m so happy for my compatriot !!!! This engagement session is stunning, cannot wait to see how the wedding session will look like.

  2. Laura reply

    Just outstanding as always!!! What a beautiful couple!!

  3. Sheila Sim reply

    Great that you’ve experienced some of our wonderful Scottish scenery – hope you enjoyed it (despite the midges). I’d love to see some more Scottish photoshoots from you :-)

  4. Rebekah reply


  5. Alan reply

    Absolutely stunning photography!

  6. Joshua Wyborn reply


  7. ashley reply

    Gorgeous! LOVE those close up shots so much! <3

  8. Britney Clause reply

    Etienne and Anais are such a gorgeous couple! I love everything about this! It’s my dream to shoot ANY couple overseas and this is such wonderful inspiration!

  9. Cat Ekkelboom-White reply

    Oh my goodness. This pictures are just so dreamy. What a stunning location too. Definitely somewhere I’m adding to my bucket list of destinations. <3

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