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Exciting news! I was informed last week that Jess and Justin’s Engagement guestbook (which all of you brides should look into!) was chosen as AsukaBook’s “Book of the Week”! I’m pretty sure it’s not the design but the awesome looking couple that caught their eye! AsukaBook is a fabulous print and bind company that I use for all of my Coffee Table albums.  I went to their HUGE booth at th WPPI conference in Vegas and fell in love with their stuff!  There is a link on their Facebook page that will take you to an online slideshow of the whole book! Check it out! I’ll be posting about their album as soon as the FedEx man drops (or gently places) it on the front porch!

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  1. britney reply

    WHOA!! thats a big deal kk! nice job…you are, as always, impressive and i can’t wait to be sitting on your bed next year at 2am (or maybe 4?) and watch you “ying yang” and “green with envy” your photos ;)

  2. Emily G reply

    and don’t forget “Daily Multi Vitamin” and the “Orange You Glad You’re Not A Banana!”

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