• Athens, Greece

…that is the best word to describe Athens, Greece.  The city itself was overwhelming in every sense.  It was dirty, busy, crowded, congested and really nothing like I had imagined… and then we saw it…. The Acropolis. It sits at the top of a hill overlooking the modern day city of Athens as if to say “I was here first!”.  It’s crazy to walk around the ruins of Ancient Greece and think about just how long those stones and columns have been standing! When you stand at the tipy top of the Acropolis you can see all the way to the Aegean Sea and it’s beyond impressive. Michael and I have always wanted to see Ancient Greece and now that we

have seen the Acropolis we feel as if we can check that off our bucket list! While modern Athens isn’t our favorite place in the world… the ruins of the ancient greek city were amazing to walk through and take pictures of…. many many pictures. There were several times that Michael turned around I wasn’t behind him….normally because I had found a stone or a column or an olive branch that was “blog worthy”. ha! We loved our time in Greece but the highlight of the trip was actually in TURKEY! Thoses pictures are coming tomorrow!


That’s right! Another blog post, back to back….. the BLOGGER IS BACK! I’ll be honest…. not blogging much the past two weeks has been a great break…. but I’m ready to start again! I have a new routine, a newly painted studio and a new husband! Life is awesome! However….. I do not have a new desk….that is a VERY important necessity.  I’m currently typing on the floor, hunched over my keyboard like an 88 year old woman! The desk is coming this weekend! Thank you Pottery Barn!!!!!!

Do you see the sea?!!

How in the world did they build this thing thousands of years ago?!!!

Annnnd there’s my husssssband.

Did you knowwww…. that the reason Greeks started using so much olive oil in their cooking was because it is too rocky and mountainous to have cattle, thus making it hard to produce butter. So the greeks cook with olive oil instead! Ya learn something new everyday!:)

Love this little guy!

You’re NOT going to believe this!!!!! But we ran into a friend… in downtown ATHENS GREECE!!!!!! Are you kidding me?! What are the chances?! Laura is a friend of mine and the sister of one of Michael and my close college friends! We literally passed each other on the street and were SHOCKED! How awesome is that?!

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  1. rhonda reply

    no other words seem necessary!!! Congratulations on the wedding and your new life with Michael. I’ve been happily married for almost 20 years and it’s wonderful..
    now go use that Lightroom 3.

  2. Erin C. reply

    A pleasure to see! Your work is always so exciting to look at! Thank you for continually inspiring the photographer inside of me!

  3. Lauren reply

    oh my gosh. SO CUTE!

  4. Brittany reply

    Thanks for sharing Greece with us :) I know Laura from somewhere!…is it JMU?!

  5. Katie reply

    YAY! I looooove it :)

  6. Angela reply

    wow, you really captured Greece essence. I loved each single image. congrats newlywed! =)

  7. Alex reply

    small world. so crazy. i hope you two had a wonderful time. your honeymoon photos are beautiful. this is selfish but i miss me some wedding pictures =]

  8. Emy reply

    Love all of them!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow and see even more pictures!!! miss you.

  9. Amy reply

    Beautiful portraits! Interesting fact, too! I never knew that! Congrats again! I’m so happy for you!

  10. katie S. reply

    Beautiful…. Love reading your blog posting. Glad you had such a great honeymoon!!

  11. Margarette Lynch reply

    Love the pictures, just beautiful!

  12. caroline reply

    the PARTHENON!!! i love it. built it to scale in 5th grade :)
    I was waiting for the cool doors to pop up…im surprised it wasn’t teal! and that was a good cloud day. could you imagine having a bride stand on the steps of some of those ruins?? with that light and those clouds!! then the cloud bride would have some competition :)

  13. Kaury reply

    Beautiful pictures!!! :)

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