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It can’t believe it’s almost here…. AUSTRALIA is almost here!! What?! I just visited my grandparents and told them that I was teaching a workshop in Australia and their response was “Are you FLYING there?!”. Haha. Well I’m definitely not driving! :) They’re cute. What they were trying to figure out was “Are you actually going all the way to AUSTRALIA?!”…. and the answer is yes. The more I say it, the more surreal it feels. I don’t know which is more exciting… the fact that I’m going to Australia or the fact that I’m meeting new photographer friends and spending TWO DAYS with them Australia!

This workshop is going to be ah-mazing! I’m nervous (because I always get nervous!) but I’m SO EXCITED at the same time!!! We have a great group and only a couple of spots left (two to be exact!) so if you’re living down under and you’re a photographer interested in a two-day workshop, this may be for you! I can’t guarantee that we’ll be teaching another Australian workshop ANY time soon so if you’re interested, you can claim your spot today!!! CLICK HERE to register!

Now here is where we need some help!! We DO have some days to ourselves while we’re on the other side of the world… but not THAT many. So we want to use our time WISELY! So if you LIVE in Australia or have visited Sydney or Adelaide (and surrounding areas) we NEED YOUR HELP!! What do we HAVE to do?! What should we not worry about doing? Where should we EAT?! What should we be cautious of?! Best jetlag advice for this 23+ hour trip?! We’re counting on you guys! Help a sista’ out!! Ps. If you have Australian friends, share this with them! We don’t want to waste any time over there being newbies without a clue! :) So THANK YOU in advance for your help!! We love you for it!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Corinne reply

    If you have a chance, you really should do the great ocean road tour and see the 12 apostles ! It would be a bit of a trip from Adelaide, but it might be worth it! It will be cold in southern Australia this time of year, so you would have to dress warmly, but it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I am so jealous that y’all are going – I wish I could go with you!!

  2. Amelia Protiva reply

    We flew to South America last year, and travelled for 3 days straight on cars, airplanes, and buses to just get there. It was crazy! My number on tip is to drink a LOT of water. (I got so dehydrated at one point that I started having heart palpitations..not a good experience.) The security people will probably take your water away from you when you board the plane to fly internationally, even if you bought it behind security. It’s sad like yeah, drink lots of water and try to minimize caffeinated drinks. Have fun!! <3

  3. Megan K. Marcus reply

    Justin visited Australia for 2 weeks when he was younger, and he LOVED Sydney! You have to see the Sydney Opera House (duh) and the Great Barrier Reef! Say hi to Nemo for me)!! Also Justin says the vegemite is gross but you can’t visit Australia without trying it ;)

  4. Ashley reply

    Definitely walk around “the rocks” section of Sydney. It is very charming! There is a fabulous pancake place there called pancakes on the rocks. Also hit up the queen victoria building if you want to do some shopping :) you are going to love it! Australians are so friendly and welcoming so don’t hesitate to ask people recommendations while you are there.

  5. Allison Maxwell reply

    Manly Beach is so beautiful and Sydney Opera House is really amazing!

  6. Jessica reply

    I studied abroad in Australia and I’m SOOOO jealous you guys get to go! Make sure you try the kebobs while you’re there – my favorite! And if you can I would head north from Sydney and try to see the Whitsunday islands and Whitehaven beach… you can live on a little sail boat for a couple days… it’s heaven! One of the best things I ever did!

  7. Elizabeth Barclay reply

    Learn your coffee/tea order!
    White and one – milk and one sugar
    White and none – milk and no sugar
    Black and one – black coffee, one sugar
    Black and none – black coffee, no sugar
    It may seem silly, but it’s pretty confusing if you’re not used to it :)

  8. Kristina W. reply

    Well it wsn’t in Sydney, but I just loved my whale watching trip when I was in Australia! There’s a couple different whale watching cruise operators from Sydney so maybe you can try one out!

  9. Mary Marantz reply

    Yes, yes YES!!! You guys are going to LOVE it! My tips for Sydney (we loved it so much when we were there, we stayed for 9 days!): definitely go walk around the Opera House at night…so beautiful! wake up for a sunrise, also so beautiful! Take a trip out to one of the beaches…we went to Manly and loved it ( a little less touristy). Go have dinner across the harbor and look back at the sydney skyline. They typically do fireworks in Darling Harbor & that was super fun and just a very cool area, and then my BEST advice is to splurge one (or TWO!) nights at the Shangrila Hotel. It was amazing!! But if you don’t want to spend the money to stay there…at least go for drinks one night at the Blu Bar on Floor 36….the most amazing views of the city!! YAY!! You guys are going to have the BEST time!

  10. Ashley reply

    So excited for you! Before I got married, I went to Australia for a month and loved it. I’m SO hoping to be able to go back with the Mr one day. So, here’s my three cents: #1 The standard burger at McDonalds has beets and carrots on it. It’s weird. #2 Absolutely, definitely take the Harbour City Ferries for a ride, or two (once during the day and once at night). We ended up seeing Tom Cruise on his balcony during one of our rides, haha. There are a bunch of private cruise companies around The Rocks, but I think the Harbour City Ferries are a great way to “get the real Sydney experience”. You’ll get a feeling for the city without having to do a lot of traveling and the views of the Opera House and Bridge are amazing. #3 We stayed at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney and the view from the rooftop pool was absolutely breathtaking and definitely a must see if at all possible.

  11. Megan reply

    Climb the sydney harbour bridge!

  12. Melanie reply

    Australia is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in the world! :) If you’re going to Sydney, I recommend three sisters (a hairy grand canyon), it is always beautiful. Somebody mentioned Great Ocean Road, while that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, it is in Melbourne which is quite far away from Sydney. While you’re on the Circular Quay, overlooking darling harbour you’ll be able to see both the Bridge and the Opera House–Absolutely stunning during the day and even more so at night. Take pictures but make sure you enjoy it while you’re there, you don’t know when you will be back! OH DRINK WATER! LOTS OF WATER! Have a good time! I’m excited to live through you! :)

  13. Kathleen Mazzitti reply

    Hey guys! You are going to have the most amazing trip. First off, take Tylenol PM with dinner on the plane and after dinner, try to get some sleep. You won’t feel the effects of the tylenol after you get off the plane. Once you get there…Keep going. I’m guessing you are getting in early morning in Australia time, so get something to eat, some coffee and go. Go to bed early that night and you will sleep well, but it will make your other days go better.
    As far as what to do in Sydney, on your first day there is a free tour that leaves from Town Hall at 10 am. If you do that right away, it is 3 hours that gives you the highlights and helps you get oriented with the city. it is also tip based, so you pay whatever you think it is worth. Take the ferry to manly after lunch, walk the path along the beach and then take the ferry back at sunset to get some amazing photos of the skyline and bridge at sunset. I would also recommend a Blue Mountains Tour ( It is a one day tour where you get to feed kangaroos, pet a koala, see the three sisters and some other amazing views and go on a Bush walk. The company is owned by one guy who does all the tours and he is a wealth of information. It is a great way to do a lot in one day and get a really great experience. Try a meat pie (not PieFace) and go Messina Gelato. If you are really up for an adventure, climb the Sydney Bridge. It is absolutely amazing and be something you will never forget. I can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about your trip!

  14. Coco reply

    Hi Katelyn! I’m from Melbourne and have been a fan of yours ever since! Although you’re not coming to Melbourne, I wish you did! I don’t have money to pay for your workshops but I do hope that I will be able to afford it sometime in the future, perhaps I’ll meet you in Virginia. But definitely pay a visit to the information centre, you will find heaps of awesome places to go and you might even find discounts there you can use. :)

  15. Kait reply

    Hi there! I am originally from Virginia but met an Aussie at JMU and moved there after we got married. I lived there for 5 years and we’ve just moved back to virginia. I would love love love to share all my tips but may be easier via email. If you’d like, feel free to shoot me a line at Australia is an amazing country and It’s great to hear others are experiencing all it has to offer!

  16. Kate Robinson reply

    Ah! I’m so excited for the workshop!! Can’t wait to see you. All the best for your lonnnnng flight! I’m originally from New Zealand, so although I have seen a bit of Australia I wouldn’t be the best person to ask about Sydney or Adelaide as I’m coming from Melbourne. You guys will love it I’m sure. See you soon! xx

  17. Amanda Truth reply

    I don’t have much advice on what to do or where to eat (except definitely have a Caprese Salad while you’re there! Best one I’ve ever had!!) because I stayed in Brisbane, BUT!! The jet lag is going to be crazy! You’re going to want to go to bed at around 8 at night, and wake up at about 5 or 6. It’s not paralyzing, but it was definitely noticeable!! Good luck you guys and have so much fun!!

  18. Samantha reply

    For jetlag–melatonin! It’s a natural remedy that helps with sleep and easy to find at any drugstore/Trader Joe’s/foodstore. It will just help you get on the right sleep schedule to make the most of the time you are there! Have fun!

  19. Anastasia reply

    Katelyn, I am just a bit outside of Sydney (have just moved from there – house prices are too much in metro area!), and have family in Adelaide, so I hope I can help with some advice! When in Adelaide, go to Glenelg, it’s a lovely beach not far from the city. the jetty there is beautiful, you can also do some shopping and have a bite to eat there. But pretty much any Adelaide beach is gorgeous, and never crowded comparing to Sydney. Go to Handorf too, it’s under an hour drive outside of Adelaide, a charming German village, very touristy but super cute and inviting. Beautiful shops and restaurants there! On the way to Handorf stop at Mount Lofty lookout, you will see all of Adelaide from above, If you love wine, a day trip to Barossa Valley might be for you – gorgeous landscape and wineries there, and a number of famous restaurants including one of maggie Beer, an amazing Aussie cook. In Sydney, the Royal Botanical Gardens, The Rocks, Chinatown, Darling Harbour, Pitt Street Mall, Queen Victoria Building are all in the City area and can be done by foot. You can hop on one of the red Sydney Explorer double decker buses and see so many things without getting blisters on your feet from too much walking. Sydney is absolutely stunning. One of the best views of Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are from Mrs Macquarie Chair lookout at the southern end of the botanical Gardens, and also from the Observatory Hill. You can do the Bridge Climb too if you are ok with heights, or a MUCH cheaper option is to visit the Pylon Lookout and you can have pretty much the same stunning view – a must do for sure! You can walk the length of Harbour Bridge too – it’s gorgeous! Take a ferry ride to Many from Circular Quay! Go to Bondi, have a drink at The Icebergs club on the southern end. As for restaurants with views, the café in the Museum of Modern Art in The Rocks has a simple menu but a view to die for, especially if there are no cruise liners docked at the terminal. Customs House restaurant is beautiful too but pricier. OHHH you are going to love it :) And I can go on an on. Also, everything that Mary Marantz said (I was blessed to attend their workshop here in Oz). If you need any help or any advice let me know – I will be more than happy to assist! Bring lots of layers – it can be super warm during the day but freezing at night, especially in Adelaide. Enjoy! Can’t wait to see the pictures of Australia through your lens!

  20. Katie reply

    My grandpa’s girlfriend’s ex-husband designed the Sydney Opera House! That’s the only thing I know about Australia… but I know you’re going to have an AMAZING time!!!!!! :)

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