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to believe it’s over! Just like that… our first international workshop is done and we’re currently in a hotel room trying desperately to get our checked bags AND our carry-on bags under the weigh restriction! (Because in Australia, your checked bag can only be 7 kilos! Weird!) It all went by so so fast… and since we’re in the midst of our wedding season, we have to come home too soon. But now that we have sweet friends here, we have so many reasons to come back for a visit!!!

So I had to share a little workshop sneak peek AND these hilarious behind the scenes shots from the talented Ryan Abbas!!!  So we technically weren’t supposed to be on the dunes… or as the aussies say, the “Junes”…. but we snuck up there for a few minutes anyway and it was worth it!! However, just shooting on the sand meant that I wasn’t high enough to capture the coastline and so Michael helped me hop up on a fence post to get the shot of the day! You can see the difference below! Shot #1: 

And this was shot #2 from a “higher elevation”… with the beautiful Adelaide coastline behind our awesome couple!

And THIS is me taking shot #2! Thank goodness for Michael… that post was TINY! So worth it! We cannot WAIT to share the rest of these images. The team that collaborated was just AMAZING! We’re so thankful for everyone’s help! I will be posting a larger “Behind the scenes” post soon with proper credit to EVERYONE involved but for now, I need to thank Renee Reynolds for being brave enough to email us and offer to help us plan an Australian workshop!! AH! She was a life saver!! And Gabrielle Walsh for styling and designing our styled shoot! Until finding her, I was in freak-out mode! So much needed to be done and did it like a champ! We were so blessed to be able to connect with her and I can’t wait to share all of her hard work!! 

Huge thanks to Ryan for capturing these pictures! We’ll cherish them forever!! And Thank you for Michael for always carrying my bag when we’re working together… my shoulders are so grateful! :)

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  1. Megan reply

    Oh guys, we miss you both already. the weekend flew by!! Thanks again for being so warm, welcoming, sharing and giving. so many things learnt and so many laughs!!!. you will have to visit again one day!! love megan and erik xx

  2. Ryan Abbas reply

    I cannot thank you guys enough for coming to Adelaide! You are both such beautiful people with big hearts! It was such a pleasure to get to know you over the weekend and to learn so much in that time. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future :)

  3. Tanya reply

    Can’t believe it went by so quickly!! Missing you guys so much!! Enjoyed every single minute and more and am praying that you come back again. Missing all the funny moments that had us in tears and your beautiful accents – could listen to them all day. You are both the most caring and giving people I have ever met and I feel blessed to have connected with such a wonderful group of photographers. Thank you both so much from the bottom of my heart xxxx

  4. cOLLEEN dELANEY reply

    Just saying your outfit is ADORABLE & you look super cute! I also LOVE that Michael’s shirt coordinates so well ;) Looks like so much fun!!!

  5. Mary Marantz reply


  6. Caroline Logan reply

    You two are my favorite!! Those last two are treasures!!!!!!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Wow, that higher elevation made such a difference! I think it’s adorable that Michael carries your bag for you, what a great husband!

  8. Kate Robinson reply

    Missing you guys so much!! Such cute photographs of the two of you. Come back soon! xxx

  9. ashley link reply

    this is so awesome!!!!!

  10. Deborah Zoe reply

    Omgosh, first this is adorable. Second this is almost exactly the same reaction you had while balancing on the rocks to adjust my veil during our shoot:) Love that smile on your face!!

  11. Sandra reply

    Thankyou so much for coming to Australia!! I learnt so much from you both and you are just so generous and giving. Safe travels home. :)

  12. Amanda Veronee reply

    AHHH! I love this!!! That’s teamwork! You two are so cute! I so wish I could have come to Australia with you!! haha :D Hawaii here we come! I love these behind the scenes shots :)

  13. Christy Tyler reply

    This reminded me so much of James & I! Too cute! He is always acting as my spotter (making sure I don’t step back into busy traffic, fall down stairs, or walk backwards off a pier! haha)!! So sweet to see Michael is the same! Congrats on this big step you two!

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