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Autumn Color Palette Inspiration

While it

may actually be a little bit LATE for some fall wedding inspiration, I know there are some brides out there that are STILL trying to figure out accent colors and palette details for their fall weddings. So here’s a little Wedding Wednesday color inspiration! I recently received Lowe’s awesome DIY booklet that they send out each season and it was FULL of beautiful colors! So I took some of those colors and designed a few “not so typical” wedding color palettes for today’s post! I LOVE a good color palette for a wedding and so often brides are afraid to  try something

new and out of the box! So here are some ideas and because I’m feeling really excited about FALL…..leave me a comment, tell me your FAVORITE palette and you’ll be in the running for a Starbucks Giftcard so that you can get your Pumpkin Spiced Latte in a few weeks!! WOOOHOOOO! Can’t WAIT for those to return!!! Happy Wedding Wednesday!

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  1. Rici: ( )

    OH lovely colors! But Autumn peach is the best EVER!

  2. Sabrina: ( )

    Love this!! The Light Pumpkin is definitely my favorite. And I can not WAIT for fall either!! So excited it’s almost here :-)

  3. Ahna: ( )

    Autumn peach is my favorite! I can see it so beautifully in bouquets, dresses & ties, place settings, invitations, programs, cake frostings… AHH! It’s so perfect.

  4. Laura: ( )

    Autumn Peach is my favorite! I love how it takes sping colors and gives them a fall touch by adding a light brown. Beautiful! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  5. Mallory: ( )

    Love the Sangria & Rustic Nautical!!

  6. Ali: ( )

    Light pumpkin for sure…reminds me of MY fall wedding :)

  7. Krissy Traustason: ( )

    Autumn Peach is absolutely stunning!! :) I LOVE fall and can’t wait to add all these colors to my closet!!!

  8. emily: ( )

    i’m usually not a huge fan of orange, but i really love that rustic nautical! something about those blues & tan with a little hint of orange totally wins me over. autumn peach is a REALLY close second though!

  9. Stephanie Stewart: ( )

    As much as I love that Sangria palette, I’m going to choose Plum and Berries – love the mix of berry and warm earth tone!

  10. lindy: ( )

    ooo! most definitely sangria. Rich & gorgeous.

  11. Brittanee: ( )

    Autumn Peach :) although the Light Pumpkin is a close second!

  12. Renee: ( )

    Autumn Peach for sure! : )

  13. caroline: ( )

    i like the name rustic nautical….but i just couldn’t do the UVA colors :) love you!

  14. Molly: ( )

    Autumn Peach!!!!

  15. Stephanie: ( )

    Got to be Light Pumpkin! Just screams fall!

  16. becky: ( )

    I absolutely love the autumn peach. While my colors are already chose from my September 22nd wedding. these colors will definitely be showing up in my closet!

  17. Abby Grace W: ( )

    Autumn peach or light pumpkin!!! They are all so BEAUTIFUL:):):):)

  18. Gabrielle Corbin: ( )

    Mmmm love me so plum & berries! Earthy tones with a pop of purple! Wish I’d done something like this for my November wedding last year. But this is a wonderful post for future brides. :)

  19. ashley link: ( )

    the sangria just really pops out to me! :-)

  20. Annamarie: ( )

    DEFINITELY autumn peach:)…love it!!!

  21. Mandy: ( )

    I am loving autumn peach!!!

  22. Kate: ( )

    I like rustic nautical, but I would swap the orange for a green. This Hokie can’t handle an orange and blue color palate…

  23. Ahna: ( )

    Autumn Peach! I can see it in bouquets, ties & dresses, invitations & programs… AH! Such a beautiful color combo. :)

  24. Staci: ( )

    Love the sangria…probably in part because it’s a favorite drink of mine :) But when I think fall for weddings I really think deep purple is great with it. In that particular combo you could take out the red and throw in a yellow or a yellow-green to make it pop! during the summer or spring, too!

  25. Heather: ( )

    I love the autumn peach, although the sangria is such a close second!!!

  26. LEOLAK: ( )

    Sangria!!! Love it!

  27. Lauren: ( )

    Country Apple! Love it!

  28. Eryn Kesler: ( )

    I’m thinking plum and berries, or country apple!! I can’t WAIT for fall!!

  29. Mary Powell: ( )

    I love the Autumn Peach. Peach is my new favorite color these days so it’s a nice fall twist on a typically spring color. Love it!

  30. Courtney Stevens: ( )

    I love Sangria and Autumn Peach…I can’t decide which I like better.

  31. Stephanie M: ( )

    I love the Sangria! It reminds me of my own November wedding.

  32. Lara Van Klompenburg: ( )

    LOVE RUSTIC NAUTICAL!!! The blues are so warm with the perfect swipe of spicy pumpkin! :) The colors would accent changing trees perfectly! SO EXCITED FOR FALL! :)

  33. Carla B.: ( )

    My fav is Sangria but I liking the blues and that orange in Rustic Nautical.

  34. Sarah Robertson: ( )

    I adore Country Apple! (:

  35. Abby Grace W: ( )

    A tie between… Light Pumpkin and Autumn Peach!!! Love ‘em:):)!!!

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  37. Nicole @ Post Grad: ( )

    Rum and Berries! My sister is getting married next month and those are her colors. Love it!

  38. Kari Watkins: ( )

    love the sangria!!!

  39. Carrie: ( )

    Light Pumpkin and Sangria! great combos!

  40. Ashlei: ( )

    I love autumn Peach. What were the exact colors from lowes?

  41. Ashlei: ( )

    I love, love, love autumn peach. I want to use that palette for my thanksgiving wedding next fall. What were the colors called?

    Thank you

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  43. ann mason: ( )

    OK , now where do we proceed with country apple colors?

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  45. Meghan: ( )

    hello! love the color schemes! could you tell me the actual paint names for the paints included in “light pumpkin” and “autumn peach”? Thank you!

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