Morgan + Lauren | Engaged

A Downtown Baltimore Engagement

I’ve driven

past it a million times. This was a city I never had a reason to stop in. Normally, when I’m driving up north, my destination takes me on the interstate right around Baltimore. I’ve driven past the skyline and have seen the Raven’s and the Orioles stadiums but that’s really all I’ve ever seen of Baltimore….. until Monday! Morgan and Lauren just recently got engaged and I was so excited when Lauren emailed me with the news! Lauren was one of my FIRST coaching clients this year and during our time together she mentioned that she would be getting engaged soon! ….Now, I hear that literally ALL the time. SO many girls email me before they even


have a ring on their finger!! But I could tell that Lauren was very confident about this. She spoke about her boyfriend Morgan in a very permanent way…. like he was a part of the family… and after several years of dating, I bet he feels like a part of the family!  These two are just wonderful and as I got to know Morgan, I realized just how much of a perfect compliment he is to Lauren.  They’re SO excited about this new phase of life and I’m so excited for them!! They made a dreary evening in Baltimore feel bright and sunny!  And I’m sure all of the harbor could hear Lauren’s laughs!!! I had an amazing time shooting this final engagement of the year and I can’t wait for their wedding to roll around!! It will be here before we know it!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their session on Monday!

Beautiful ring!!
Love these!
Teal doors?! Yes please! Just had to use them!
I think it’s safe to say that they have fun together……
Work it!!
A favorite!!
Where he proposed!
Another fav!

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  1. Kathryn Grace: ( )

    Love it! Lauren is so cute, I love all the laughing ones! You’re amazing, Katelyn!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt: ( )

    This is such a fun and colorful session! I especially love the black and white horizontal picture on the dock with the misty city in the background – gorgeous!

  3. Anna K.: ( )

    is it creepy that I recognized her and couldn’t figure out where from until you said your coaching sessions?!?! These photos make me want to visit Baltimore!

  4. Anna Grace Abell: ( )

    Beautiful images in my hometown I love it!! You really captured their love for each other :) Fabulous!

  5. Sarah Adams: ( )

    Katelyn- as always, AMAZING job! Lauren- You look adorable! I love your color choices for your outfits- coral and teal- the best! You can tell how in love you are just by your smiles :)

  6. molly: ( )

    so so so so SO fun and gorgeous!

  7. Erin Fetterhoff: ( )

    Oh my! These are absolutely gorgeous! Love the use of all the lovely colored doors!

  8. Girish: ( )

    One of the most awesome engagement / couple shoots I’ve seen. Looks so much fun. I think this is the best way to get a shoot done. Great going. She has got a great smile :)

  9. Our Engagement Session » Lauren R Hammond Photography: ( )

    [...] knowledge you’ve given me, and now the beautiful images!! I am so excited!!!  You can check her post out here to see the rest!!  Happy [...]

  10. Kathi Anglin: ( )

    So many favorites! Thank you Katelyn for capturing their pure joy! Love you Morgan and Lauren…so excited for you both :)

  11. Tricia: ( )

    LOVE these images! As usual you seem to capture their personalities so beautifully – You have expressed their playful, loving and NlLOVE hearts! So excited for Lauren and Morgan – they truly will be a double edged sword for the Kingdom1

  12. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    The light and colors in these pictures are amazing!! My favorites are the one in the alley and then in the wheat/weed field! :) So gorgeous!!!

  13. Mallory: ( )

    I love that you got some great shots in the same place he proposed!! I’m a sucker for cute stuff like that ;)

  14. ashley link: ( )

    holy moly! that one with the yellow door is so cute! LOVE it!

  15. ashlyn: ( )

    beautiful location! gorgeous. love the black and white edits!

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