The 2011 Wedding Recap

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I have been viewing some photographer’s blogs where they do an “end of the year review” and I love those posts.  I don’t know what I love about them so much. It’s just fun to see what everyone has accomplished and to get a “sneak peek” into what their job looks like behind the scenes. Welp! Here is my “behind the scenes” post for 2011 and I have to admit… my “behind the scenes” images are a little less than professional.  This post includes shots of me getting hung up in a briar patch, showing off less than desirable dance moves and almost tripping over a hole.  It’s really not very impressive!

But I love posting these images because it helps me remember just how blessed I was to have such AMAZING couples in 2011. I’m so thankful for them and the chance to be a part of their wedding day.  Enjoy these shots from throughout the year and you know I love you because I’m posting some pretty embarrassing images.  I only do that for true friends:). Thanks so much for following my work! I’m excited for what 2012 will bring!!!!!


Well, Jessie and I started the year of right with Adjith and Catherine’s wedding….we were invited to dance on multiple occasions… but I think my dance moves are being out done by the man behind me… he takes his dancing seriously! (Jess and I laughed at this picture FOREVER)

Showing the “hold his neck” move….

ohh dear.. this is embarrassing… they definitely aren’t laughing with me… just smiling and thinking “ohhh she’s crazy!” haha. I did have them outside for portraits in 19 degrees!!!

Loved this wedding!

Whoever owns this car….. thank you for letting me lean on it…and for not having an alarm.


“talk to the hand”….not really.

This was one gorgeous bridal party!

Showing the “leg pop”

This is my shootsac ad:)

Such a wonderful moment!!!!!!!

Ok, let me explain… I saw this happening during Matt and Clare’s shoot in NYC and just HAD to tak a picture of it. HILARIOUS! Really? Is that really a good angle??

Oops! Forgot there was a HUGE mirror there!


Dress check!

He’s wonderful:)

Why? Why am I posting this?! … Because it’s hilarious.

Love my brides who love the cupid shuffle:)

Look closely, I’m about to fall in a hole.

If you haven’t seen Jasmine’s year review post, you NEED to! I laugh til I cry every time. This year she mentioned that she noticed a lot of images of “the claw”…. and I thought “Hmmm…. that’s a weird hand gesture” and then I found THIS!!! I’m guilty of it too!!

Again, scary. We’re weird.

Some of my fav vendors of all time! Josh Gooden and Anna Burke:

Loved this wedding:)

“I’m in BOSTON!!!” I was excited:)


It got me!!

Haha No worries guys, just stuck in a briar patch. Literally stuck.

Thanks Jill for all the pics!!

Last wedding of the year!

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  1. Beth Hamilton reply

    So funny! Thanks for sharing Katelyn!

  2. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I LOVE when you post these – so much fun!! Haha so fun to see the behind the scenes, and sorry about the briars!!

  3. Kristina W. reply

    This was so much fun to see! Thanks for putting yourself out there! :)

  4. Kyla reply

    Just wanted to tell you how much fun it was to see the behind the scenes photos! It looks like you truly enjoy what you do and not to mention the fact that you have some awesome taste in clothing! <3

  5. Katie Hill Nesbitt reply

    I love you for loving the cupid’s shuffle! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Jodi reply

    You my friend are so cute + funny! Love those black tights too! :)

  7. Jill Powers reply

    You’re just so cute! love it!

  8. Brittany reply

    Love seeing that! People don’t even think about what goes on “outside” of the gorgeous pictures. Ha!

  9. Anna Burke reply

    That is a less than desirable picture of me! Not sure what I was doing. Oh well :) you are hilarious and thank you for making me smile with this post today!

  10. Deborah Zoe reply

    I was excited you were in Boston tooooo!!! Come back soooooon please:)!

  11. Abby Grace reply

    You are so adorable! I can’t get over how much I love your red hair. Love this post! I definitely laughed out loud at some of these in my non-LOL appropriate office. Whatever. It’s Christmas.

  12. Annia reply

    Even your behind-the-scenes outtakes are so well-edited. Loved this!

  13. stephanie g reply

    haha the claw!!!! that made me laugh so hard when I saw it on j*’s blog. you are too cute! loved this post!!!

  14. Laurajane reply

    i think that you just may be cute all the time. not a single one of these is close to embarrassing, well except maybe “the claw”. and you definitely have the best wedding outfits i’ve seen. i need to figure out better wedding wear. i seem to end up wearing the same black dress every single time. but it may have something to do with the large pockets and insanely comfortable fabric.

  15. Erin Schrad reply

    So it appears that sometime in the spring you went from being a Shootsac girl to a Kelly Moore girl… I’m hoping I get a KM bag for Christmas!! Also, I’m curious about what shoes you wear… Are they comfy?

  16. Kathy Byars reply

    HI Katelyn, so proud of you and what you have become. You have a wonderful business and it looks like you have so much fun with it. Glad I got to know you at CNU. Kathy, Comm Studies

  17. JasmineStar reply

    I’m DYING!!! You’re the cutest…evah!

  18. Anna K. reply

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing, it is so fun!

  19. Amelia Renee reply

    ohhhh my word! Katelyn, you’re adorable! You make shooting 2 weddings in a row & getting stuck in briars look FUN!;)

  20. emily reply

    congrats on an amazing wedding season! i cannot wait until the day I have as many weddings a year as you do :) maybe it will be next year, maybe it will be 2013. who knows?! :)

  21. Elizabeth reply

    LOVE this post!!!! you are so cute!!! thanks for sharing with us :)

  22. Jade reply

    LOVE IT…

  23. Nancy Mitchell reply

    You are too cute! Looks like it was a great wedding season. Much success in 2012!

  24. Becca reply

    One of my favorite posts EVER!!!! So fun!! I lovedddddd it! You have such a fun-loving personality and you can tell it in the pictures =) Wonderful!

  25. Amanda reply

    This are hilarious! And there’s also some great photos of you in them. :)

    I have a question, where oh where did you get your shirt and sweater in your “I’m in Boston” photos? I love them! Thanks so much.

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