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Guys. I just have to be honest…. the BTS this year kinda fell off the rails. This is why I think we have fewer photos of me working behind the scenes than years past. 1. We shot fewer weddings, so naturally there are less BTS images. 2. There was a new component to this year of shooting weddings, and it’s called PUMPING. Yikes. That means more fell on Michael in the in-between moments, and we had to be on our A-game to get everything accomplished!! 3. Pumping + the Same Day Slideshow + eating dinner + drinking a ton of water so that I didn’t lose my milk supply. It was a lot! But we did it!!! We just don’t have as many behind the scenes images as past years, and that’s ok!

  1. I forgive Michael for not taking more to attering images of me shooting our 14 weddings from 2017!! :) Also, this is a hilarious fun fact… I think that there are MORE pictures of TYLER HERRINTON in this blog post than there are of ME!!! And it’s MY BTS post!

Anyway… the other sad part of this is that we have INSTA-STORIES of me shooting my all time favorite wedding in Italy… but no BTS images! I know! Insert all of the cry-face-emojis! However, I will say that the images from that wedding FAR exceed my need for BTS shots! I was 10 weeks Post-partum… So I probably would have hated seeing myself BTS anyway!!! haha I think Michael knew that, and he really just wanted to avoid the “Why did you take a BTS picture of me from THAT angle!? I look horrible!” conversation!! ha!

However, despite the lack of documentation of our work behind the scenes… it was such an amazing year! I mean, a lot changed for us this year in regards to shooting weddings. It’s different prepping for a wedding when you have to leave bottles ready for your 10 week old, and you have to take all of your pump supplies with you. It’s even crazier to take all of that PLUS your 10 week old baby to ITALY! I have to say …. I am SO proud of us! That wasn’t easy, and we killed it! The babies (my sister’s family went too!) were AMAZING! The most stressful part was the rental car situation!!! That’s a story we’ll never forget! Read more about that HERE! 

Michael and I are so incredibly thankful for our sweet KJ Couples who allowed us to be a part of their lives this year. From trusting us with their big day, to traveling to ITALY, to shooting dear friends’ weddings, to ending our season in NY for a dear photographer friend’s wedding… it was just the best!! Michael and I had to learn a new routine for our weddings this year, and I’m not trying to brag but I think we did a pretty great job! I can’t wait to share some of my TOP 2017 images soon!!!!

Ok, this was obviously during golden hour, and I was FREAKING out!! I was so happy because it had been raining all day long!!!!!! I begged these two to leave their reception!


Michael… acting like he’s an old friend with the sweetest Father of the Bride on the planet!

These two!

Encouraging Abby to just take a deep breath and enjoy her first look! One of my favorite moments of the day!

Can we just say a big “THANK YOU, JESUS” for that doorway and natural light?!?!?!

Loved working with Caleb of East West Productions at Pippin Hill! 

Just chatting it up with Grandpa as he talks about his sweet granddaughter!

I promise you… this was purposeful! 

Oh gosh, Katelyn! This is NOT attractive! 

But it was worth it!! This is the final image! I had to get so low to get the branches off their faces! 

Michael making family portraits happen! 

Again… family portrait time! 

Emy helping me with a secret project that launches in JANUARY!!! Some of you have already had a sneak peak!  I’m so excited!!!!!!!

Kat, of Dear Sweetheart Events, doing her thing…. PREGNANT!! And I didn’t even KNOW IT!!!! This just makes me so happy! 

Michael… killing the moment! …. I needed that umbrella though! 

Michael saying under his breath, “I’m sorry my wife is making you climb in a creek! She says it’ll be worth it!”

Tyler Herrinton, everyone!!!!

In Scotland, location scouting…. what a life! So thankful! 

Tyler again!

Tyler….. again…. filling in for Michael and doing an awesome job!

Look at this cutie!!!!! 

Annnnd he’s out! 

Ash doing her thing! 

Michael…. the kid magnet! They flock to him! 

Epic “first look” location!!!

No one looks happy here… but I promise it was fun!!!

“It’s GOLDEN HOUR!!! It’s GOLDEN HOUR!!!!!!!”

If I had a dollar for every dress Michael has “fluffed”…. I could go on an awesome vacation!

Hahaha, Tyler, don’t hate me for posting this!

Michael was on high-alert rain duty here!!! 

Hi again, Ty! 

Wrangling the babies! 

“Get excited kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Yasmin reply


    My partner and I have been huge fans of yours since we started our business this year! Seriously, we feel like we already know you even though we haven’t met yet. You are one heck of a photographer/teacher and hope to meet you ones of these days!! <3

  2. Amanda Elkins reply

    We loved looking through these!! We will always be grateful for getting the chance to meet you and Michael and learn from you! We hope to see you all again in the near future!

  3. Caiti reply

    Tyler throwing the veil and Michael running around holding children – HAHA! I’m cracking up! These are all great!!! I always love this post.

    Also – secret project in January? What? I want IN!

  4. Megan Glasbrenner reply

    This makes me miss our wedding day when we had the dream team!! Still can’t believe that! Loving our photos and videos more than ever and so thankful to have had you a part of that season of our lives! P.s. I love these behind the scenes posts of yours!!

  5. Emily Fry reply

    I’m just a small town girl out here trying to make it in the photo business. I’m aslo in your lighting and location course! I love this post…and as I’m reading I realize you guys are good friends and partners with the Herringtons! I was in elementary school and a girl scout with Ashley! Small world! Thanks for sharing what you do!

  6. Marquette reply

    I LOVE these! So much! What a year!

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