My OCD Tendencies

  • Being Picky

considered myself to be OCD about anything. Sure, I’m picky about decorating and a few other things but for the most part, I’m not really all that intrigued by the small details of things. For instance, if I cleaned the bathroom and there was a spot left on the mirror, it wouldn’t phase me. However, a few days ago, as I was updating Facebook albums on the business page, I caught myself doing something VERY strange…. and VERY OCD. I found myself ARRANGING the images in the albums so that they “flowed” perfectly together.


I didn’t even realize this was something I did until I looked back through my albums and saw that they have ALL been rearranged! You’re probably thinking “Ok, with all that you could be doing, WHY are wasting time ARRANGING Facebook images?!”.  Well, I think it comes down to this. I LOVE design…. and visually, I NEVER want too many HEAVY or dark images clumped together and I also don’t want too many black and whites to be close together when people are viewing the album! I know, it’s embarrassing! But hey! My facebook albums look pretty good!!

So if you notice on these examples below, the B&W’s are separated evenly and the heavy/light images are separated evenly so that when you look at the overall album, it’s a beautiful, cohesive blend of the my BEST images from Josh and Amanda’s day!

Something else that I’m picky about is the amount of images in each album on facebook! I try to upload 16 images for engagements, 24 images for weddings and 8-12 images for anything else that I shoot. Why the strict numbers? Well, again, my OCD is kicking in! I want to feel organized and I also don’t want to share the entire blog post on Facebook because then my viewers would have no reason to visit the blog… and the blog is where you can really get to know me. So deep down, I my OCD tendencies actually stem from a marketing strategy! 

You’ll noticed in this example that Natalie’s navy sweater images are spaced apart pretty evenly because those are heavier images.  By arranging them like this, it makes the whole engagement session look cohesive!! I know, you’re probably shaking your head and saying “Oh Katelyn…. this is just too much”. And I know it is… but I actually really enjoy it! ha! So there’s your random fact about Katelyn for the day… she’s weird and OCD! 

Well I’m off to CNU to teach a photography course so happy Thursday to you all and if you’re near me, enjoy the beautiful weather!!!! And ps. One last example…. see how the red barn shots are evenly spaced?! I’m telling you… I’m one picky girl!! If you didn’t see this last eshoot, you’ll have to check it out! Cherry Blossoms are my new favorite backdrop!!

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  1. Meghan reply

    As a designer turned photographer, I really really appreciate this quality. In fact, your random confession gives me hope that I won’t have to abandon that part of me as I continue to build my photography business. Question though, how long between posting the blog and posting the album on Facebook? Thanks katelyn!

  2. Amanda Truth reply

    Girl you are too funny! I’ve never known anyone to care as much about Facebook albums as you do haha!! In other news have fun at CNU! Your talk there two years ago was what made me decisively decide to do wedding photography above other things :) Go rock it out!!

  3. Annetta reply

    Very pretty, Katelyn!

  4. Rebekah Hoyt reply

    I mean… it makes sense! I always admire your consistency and your attention to detail – it is one of the reasons you are SO good!

  5. Ahna reply

    Oh my goodness! I do the same exact thing! It must be a redhead thing :)

  6. Sarah Adams reply

    I think everyone has a little OCD in them…And for you in this case it just WORKS-It makes for excellent cohesive branding :) People fall in love with your work!

  7. Ashlyn reply

    Love this :) I’m that way too- I so know where you’re coming from! I’m picky about a lot of things- from a color coded closet to what fork I use, to how I organize my photos :)

  8. Joel K reply

    Thanks for sharing Katelyn. It’s these little tendencies that make us unique. Your albums do look fantastic.

  9. Marci reply

    Dreamy. All of it. You are fantastic! I love your eye for design, and your layouts on facebook! You are right, it makes a huge difference! Your work is amazing!

  10. Carla reply

    I do the exact same thing! I’m a Graphic Designer/Photographer so I know what you’re talking about with those OCD tendencies! Loved this post!

  11. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Your albums are beautiful!! I have noticed how beautifully they flow together time and time again!!

  12. Rebekah Carter reply

    I’m pretty OCD too but a psychologist actually told me that my OCD tendencies make me a better nurse. And I think he was right. And I think your OCD tendencies definitely make you an even better photographer.

  13. Kristina W. reply

    Being such an amazing photographer it must be so hard to only post up to 24 photos of a shoot! So many great ones to pick from!

  14. Page reply

    So, the arrangement of color and light is more important than the flow of events? I guess it gives you something to wonder. What makes the arrangement more effective than the order of events? I love the concept, and I can see it makes a big difference, but what made you thing about color and light versus the norm of order in sequence?
    Love your work and love you. You are an inspiration to me!!!
    Thank you.

  15. Caroline reply

    ooohhhh kk…..

  16. Britney reply

    I actually noticed this when I was looking through your page last week — and I asked, “does she do this for a reason?” Now I realize your purpose — and I think it’s awesome! And speaks to your attention to detail! :)

  17. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I never would have thought of doing this to my pictures! I’m all about everything being in order, so, like all the pictures would be grouped together. I had no idea of the concept of “heavy” and “light” pictures making a difference. :)

  18. nicole reply

    I am the exact same way! that’s so funny. i’m really ocd about my instagram images too…like I’ve been a little heavy on the horizontal images lately and i need to mix it up with some verticals or my eyes might go crazy :) glad i’m not alone!

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