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to this quaint, historic property that was tucked away in the hills of Scottsville, VA. The light was just low enough to be peaking through the trees and it was a beautiful 75 degrees. The perfect day for an engagement session! It’s crazy to think about but I think this was the 33rd engagement shoot of 2013! WOW. We have shot engagements for all of our 2013 couples and now we’re getting to know our 2014 couples through their engagement shoots and I love it! After every engagement, I leave thinking to myself “Welp, another awesome couple for 2014!”.

We seriously have the most amazing brides and grooms! Hutch and Kerri definitely fit into the “awesome couple” category!  They walked all over the property with me on Monday evening and I loved getting to know them a little bit! Kerri was actually a bridesmaid in Katie and Preston’s wedding last spring and so she had already been in front of my camera before. She knew all of the essential “girly” things about posing that I teach all of my bridesmaids! “Hips away from the camera, one leg popped, etc”. It was a breeze working with her and Hutch is just along for the ride. He is so easy going and he would do anything to make Kerri happy…. like climbing in chest high grass, getting chased by a labradoodle and taking hundreds upon hundreds of images! :) He’s a keeper Kerri!

I’m so excited to be a part of their beautiful wedding at King’s Family Vineyard next year!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their shoot and get excited to see them again next June!!

How beautiful is this little flower garden?!

Kerri you’re gorgeous! And I know I’m biased, but you have beautiful hair!!:)

Really really love this one! 

Their colors matched “The Village” colors so wonderfully!!

Kerri is a lover of TEAL! Girl after my own heart! 

We ended their session in a field and the light was golden!

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  1. Bethany McDonnell reply

    Beautiful! Love every one!

  2. Sara Maddox reply

    So awesome!!!!

  3. Urška Majer reply

    Amazing photos & Location!

  4. Calee L’hommedieu reply

    So pretty!! Your ring shots are always some of my favorite pictures!

  5. Kathryn Grace reply


  6. Olivia J reply

    These are just STUNNING and enchanting. :)

  7. Katie Jones reply

    Kerri, you look gorgeous!!! Beautiful pictures, Katelyn! I cannot wait for the wedding!

  8. Rachel McCloud reply

    so much fun. I LOVE the second to the last one. my favorite. :)

  9. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Aww, he’s a military guy! I love engagement shoots with military people!!

  10. Meredith Sledge reply

    Love!!! Belle Haven is beautiful!!! It was fun looking through these knowing where you were shooting! :)

  11. katie reply

    LOVING all the extra texture shots! Great portraits too ;)

  12. Chris reply

    Katelyn, this is meant as good thing but every picture the Groom isn’t facing the camera! I want to see his face!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    LOVE these ring shots!

  14. Anna Liz reply


  15. Kevin reply

    Inspirational images!!!!

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