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  • Best of Weddings 2013

Here it is! The biggest post of the year…and this post will probably crash my blog because there are WAY too many images included!! I just couldn’t pick one favorite from each wedding… that’s way too hard! So I have selected and gathered all of the images that make me FEEL something! These are the images that made me proud this past year. And while some may seem ordinary to you, they all have a special place in my heart for random reasons! Maybe it was the composition, the light or even the situation it was shot in. Whatever it was, somehow these images made my “Favorites” list for 2013 and I can’t wait to share this pretty post! Enjoy!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Sarah reply

    Amazing talent! congrats on doing all these in a year, they are beautiful! :)

  2. Lauren Swann reply

    Aww you picked some of my favorites from our wedding!! Thank you so much friend for capturing our day!! Xo!!

  3. Kathryn Grace reply

    SOOO much pretty. You are so inspiring, Katelyn! Keep up the good work!

  4. ashley link reply

    i love all of these, katelyn! i pray that one day you can do my wedding! everything looks so magical! i love all of your images! so many favorites! great job, sweet lady and great job michael!

  5. Natalie reply

    You are simply incredible! Thank you for helping to make my year, the best of my life! We absolutely loved having you and Michael capture our wedding day… Love you! Xo!

  6. Kimber reply

    I love all of these!! so beautiful!!!

  7. Katie reply

    Gorgeous! You’re photos are absolutely breathtaking. you are such an inspiration to me!

  8. candi reply

    You are so incredibly talented!! These are simply gorgeous! Congrats on an amazing year!

  9. Kat reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!

  10. MarLeah reply

    You are {Hands down!} my favorite photographer!!

  11. Haley reply

    SO gorgeous. you are inspirational!

  12. Annamarie reply

    So many incredibly beautiful shots!! You are so amazing, Katelyn!!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    These are so fantastic! What an awesome year for you and Michael!

  14. Jess reply

    Gah!!! so many beautiful weddings!! You and Michael are amazing. Thank you for capturing our day. Love you!! xoxo

  15. jamie delaine reply

    oh katelyn, you really do inspire me.

  16. Michele stoker reply

    oh my sweet goodness, you are amazingggggggg.

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