• The Best of Weddings 2014

isn’t an easy way to narrow down my favorites. I had a system at the beginning of the year and it worked until May…. and then my sister got married! I was so busy that my system went out of the window. So! Once again, I struggled this year to really select my favorites. There are too many images in this post…. I’m well aware. I’m sure my hosting provider is aware too. :) I’m preparing myself for a blog crash! I just love having this post every year to look back on and see all of the work that makes me proud in one location! These images aren’t all the best technical shots…

……they aren’t all perfectly composed….and they aren’t all tack sharp. I selected these images because they make me FEEL something when I look at them! Some of them make me feel something because I tried something NEW. Some of these shots made the cut because of the circumstances they were shot in! If I was working under a crazy time crunch and captured a gorgeous portrait in the midst of the chaos… that makes me proud! If I tried something new with details or Off Camera Flash…. that shot may be in this post! This post is a collection of my 2014 work that reminds me of why I love my job! I look at these images and I love them!! Some of you may think I need to do a humility check right about now but the truth is… I’m REALLY hard on myself when it comes to my work. Ask my husband. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in the KJP world sometimes. I constantly criticize my work… sometimes I compare it to others… sometimes I talk myself into to believing that I’m not creative anymore…. UGH! I know these are lies! It’s just human nature to fall into these little traps. So at the end of the year, I do posts like this to remind myself that I’ve still got it!!!! :) I still LOVE wedding photography…. I still come up with unique shots and beautiful compositions…. I’m constantly getting better and better at finding the BEST light. I’m a good photographer. I love my career! I love my amazing couples!! After 6+ years, I can’t believe this is what I get to do for a living!! So just know that even though I say that I’m super proud of my work… that isn’t coming from a place of pure confidence. I struggle with that just like everyone else! :)

So know that you know way too much of my heart behind this post. I hope you enjoy some of the images of 2014 that make me fall in love with photography over and over again!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!

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  1. LIsa Kaurich reply

    You’re AMAZING! No doubt about it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  2. rebekah murray reply

    GIIIIIIIIRL. you are amazing. what an incredible set of joy + beauty. so proud of you! <3

  3. Kristie reply

    Just gorgeous! Happy 2015!

  4. Lindsay reply

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Love this Katelyn!

  5. Jen reply

    Breathtaking!!! Such a joy to look at on this gloomy day.

  6. Candi reply

    Beautiful! I adore your work always!

  7. Anna Burke reply

    LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the fun weddings we had together this year… AND I LOVE the picture of Emy with N & GG! SO SWEET :)

  8. Liz reply

    Everyone is just so special. Fantastic work!!

  9. Sami Orndorff reply

    Wow!! Every single one of these images is breathtaking — you have every right to be proud :) I can’t WAIT to meet you next week at C@H!!!!

  10. Brittany Riggan reply

    You have a gift of being able to show the raw joy and love of your subjects in a beautiful and artistic way. What invaluable images your clients have because of you!

  11. Faith reply

    What an incredible year!! So much beauty.

  12. Siri reply

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your professional development and the way you really feel about the good and bad. As a fellow wedding photographer, i completely know how you feel and am grateful to hear that I am not alone!

  13. Sydni Jackson reply

    These are all amazing!!

  14. Elizabeth reply

    Love love loveeeeeee! You capture things so perfectly! Thanks for really showing your heart in this post and your thoughts! It makes you all the more real :)

  15. Kyla Fetzner reply

    These are beautiful Katelyn! I really like your style :)

  16. Heather Navratil reply

    Thanks for the beautiful trip down memory lane! Stunning as always! Just further proves why you are and will always be my fav!!!! <3

  17. Ashley Durham reply


  18. ashley link reply

    <3 What a dream! Such a beautiful wedding season, Katelyn and Michael! These are priceless! <3

  19. Kate reply

    you’re amazing!!! there’s no doubt that you still “got it” YOU GO GIRL!!!! xoxo

  20. Julie reply

    These are beautiful Katelyn-and only a small snippet of the great work you do! So glad Courtney and Jared chose you as her photographer.

  21. Laura Beth Stricker reply

    Happy New Year, to you and yours!!

  22. Lauren Young reply

    Every. Single. Picture. PERFECTION! So gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Annetta reply

    What an awesome and amazing year you had, Katelyn!! You do wonderful work and I still like yours the best!

  24. Aftab reply

    you are incredible! hands down, one of the best :) keep rocking! God bless.

  25. Kristina W. reply

    Gorgeous images! What a fantastic year!

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