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It’s not uncommon for Michael to randomly say “Hey, I have a surprise for you today”. He does it all the time. Whether it’s dinner at a new place or tickets to a movie, he loves making it a surprise! I think he enjoys surprises because he’s the only one that can actually get away with them. I’m HORRIBLE at surprising people….. especially Michael. So when I received a call during my Chicago coaching session, I wasn’t too shocked. Michael called and all he said was “Sorry to interrupt but do I have permission to surprise you? It’s going to be over $200.”  I laughed, told him yes and then he said goodbye. I wondered what in the world

would he have felt comfortable picking out for me that was over $200!? He picked me up from the airport the next day and as soon as we drove into the driveway, he told me to go sit on the porch. A few seconds later he came around from the garage with a beautiful beach cruiser!! I squealed and then he came around the corner with his! I loved them! Our neighborhood is only 25% complete but when it’s done, there are going to be enough streets to make a great evening bike ride!! After oohing and ahhing over the bikes, I realized there was a basket on Michael’s…. “Is that for BOKEH?!” I said. And Michael just laughed. We had no idea how Bokeh boy would do in a basket on a BIKE but much to our surprise, he rides down the road like a champ!!! I put this video on instagram and I have to admit that I re-watch it all the time! :) He’s such a cutie!! So Michael, once again, pulled off a really sweet surprise that I had no idea about and I love it! I love the bikes but more than anything, I love having a husband that enjoys surprising me. :) Enjoy this little insta-vid of Bokeh the Bichpoo! And please disregard me laughing at him… I sound ridiculous! Ps. You can follow me on INSTAGRAM and see way too many pictures of Bokeh HERE!


Video from Katelyn James on Vimeo.

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Kendal reply

    Hilarious! Love the bike…its so you!

  2. Shannon Shaughnessy reply

    Ryan just got a beach cruiser this weekend too so we can ride around our neighborhood! We totally need to get a basket for Piper! Fun family memories!

  3. ashley barnett reply

    STOP IT hahahaha I’m dying lol!!!

  4. Alexis reply

    Aww, how Sweet! :)

  5. Kacey reply

    I’ll get you my pretty….and your little dog too! So cute and all I could think about was the Wizard of Oz lol. Adorable.

  6. Ali Lovegrove reply


  7. sharon elizabeth reply

    so cute

  8. molly stillman reply

    yesssssssssssss bokeh in the bike basket is the best!!!!

  9. Kathryn Grace reply

    This is hysterical!

  10. Kristen reply

    What an adorable surprise! I love bokeh in the basket, too. He’s such a cutie!! :) He looks rather comfortable in there. He, he.

  11. Alli McWhinney reply

    That is adorable, I can’t believe bokeh just rides along in the basket! :-)

  12. Angela Snyder reply

    OMG that video! What a sweet husband…My dogs would hop out of that thing so fast…jealous!

  13. Kristina W. reply

    What a great surprise! I love bike riding; Tyler and I not only have bikes for ourselves but we even bought a couple of guest bikes for friends and family to borrow when they visit us!

  14. Jody Faig reply

    Crazy cute! Bokeh in a basket! Just imagine Margeaux seeing it…she’d say, “wait, what!?!”. :)

  15. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Bokeh is a basket hahaha so cute!!!!

  16. Carrie logan reply

    hahaha that video!!!! so cute.

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