Bokeh Meets Shuba

  • & We Realize He's a Diva

Bokeh is spoiled. We’ve known that for a long time. I mean, he’s been living the LIFE for the past 4 years. He’s the only dog we have and we don’t have kids. So, naturally, he’s a bit spoiled and thinks that he rules the world! We call it his Napoleon complex. He thinks he’s mightier and tougher than all other dogs…. and he’s only 13.8 pounds. If he hits the 14 pound mark, he’s considered obese and so we’re working on not dropping people-food from the counter “on accident”!

Booked unfortunately showed his DIVA-like qualities this past week when he met his cousin SHUBA for the first time! They did GREAT when they were preoccupied with toys and playing with us…. but when we all calmed down, it was like Bokeh had time to think about what was happening. I can only imagine what was going through his mind….

– I’m being replaced
– This dog is so clumsy
– Why are they oohing and aaahhing over him?
– Is he going to LIVE HERE?
– That’s MY toy!
– I used to be the cutest one!
– I don’t like him! Grrrrr…..

Bokeh had a few embarrassing moments during their time together but eventually, they started to play nice. The problem is, SHUBA is AWKWARD right now!! He’s growing SO fast that his brain can’t keep up with his LEGS and so he is constantly out of control of his limbs! The worst Bokeh/Shuba interaction was when Shuba was trying to “play” and his massive puppy paw swiped Bokeh across the jaw. That didn’t end well. However, by the end of the night… they were tolerating each other…. or should I say BOKEH was tolerating Shuba! Bokeh has a long way to go with his manners but he’s getting there! He LOVES Molly (his sister that belongs to Michael’s mom, dad and sister!) and so it just takes time. The funny thing is, Shuba is going to be 3x the size next time we see him!!! So lets just hope Bokeh is prepared for that. haha

The other thing we quickly realized is that Shuba hasn’t learned how to be photogenic quite yet! He’s only 10 weeks old and so we have some training to do! These are the BEST shots we could get!!!!

This was our “Lets see if Emy can hold them both and I’ll crop her out” attempt! Bahahahaha! What a fail!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Loren reply

    Oh goodness! My 8 year old husky is still learning to tolerate his 2 year old Rottweiler sister! So fun!

  2. Geert Peeters reply


  3. Shanna reply

    Haha! Both of them are too cute. Bokeh reminds me so much of our bichpoo! I just love all your pics and stories about him!:) we actually got a bichpoo because of all your adorable pics of bokeh:)

  4. Sydni reply

    Oh my gosh I love Shuba. Poor Bokeh though! That’s how our cat feels when my parents’ dog visits. She gets sooo nervous that we are going to like another animal more than her! Those dogs look so good together though – they both look like stuffed animals!!

  5. Kristina W. reply

    WHAT? How can you say Shuba isn’t photogenic??? He’s adorable in all the photos you posted! So cute!

  6. Valerie reply

    They are just too cute for words!

  7. Abby Grace reply

    Ahh we had frustrating adjustment period when we brought Sirius home, but it gets better! Especially when they’re not living under the same roof. Shuba is SO cute!!

  8. Rebekah Carter reply

    Not photogenic? He’s adorable! :)

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