Happy 1st Birthday

  • Bokeh the Birthday Boy

believe it?! Our little Bokeh Boy is turned ONE on Sunday!!! We’ve been his puppy parents since February and it’s really hard to imagine our life without him! What did we do when we didn’t have worry about where he was and what he was chewing on?! Our lives must have been so boring! Bokeh is now full grown… and he’s right around 10 pounds. Ferocious, I know.  We’re so thankful his hair has stayed dark and we’re hoping he’ll keep his apricot color for years to come! We have loved having this little guy in our lives so much and in a weird way, Bokeh has made us seem more like a family. Maybe

that’s because he’s added more responsibility to our lives or maybe it’s because he snuggles between us in the morning and chews on his bone in between us on the couch at night. He’s just so lovable!!!!  After 10 months with Bokeh boy we’ve realized this:


– Poodles really are smart…. sometimes too smart

– Bokeh prefers to drink water flowing from the faucet rather than from his dog bowl… this has become a nightly ritual.

– The Bichon in him makes him sporadically act like a maniac

– He’s very fond of Michael’s Sperrys

– He’s ALWAYS come when he’s called if you include “You wanna treat?!” at the end of your call

– When he’s mad or wants something, he punches tin trashcans to get your attention

– He hides when I’m getting ready in the bathroom because he knows I’m about to leave the house and that means crate time for him

– Squirrels get the best of him on a daily basis

– Head tilts are the norm these days

– He’s a great traveler…. most of the time:)

– All of his toys have very original names… “Mr. Pineapple”, “Mr. Polar Bear”, “Mr. Giraffe”… etc.

– He loves his family. There is nothing greater than coming home to a puppy that can’t WAIT to see you!!



So happy Birthday Bokeh Boy!!! Here’s to many more years of head tilts, cute instagrams and puppy love!



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  1. Maria reply

    So cute! Have you considered getting him a pet water fountain bowl? It circulates water and keeps it cool. May be worth checking out if he likes to drink from the faucet.

  2. Laurie reply

    absolutely adorable! (PS: I always come running when someone says “wanna treat”, too!)

  3. caroline reply


  4. Kelly reply

    holy cutness. I just want to pick him up and hug him. Love the photos!

  5. Sydni Jackson reply

    adorable!! happy birthday bokeh :)

  6. KTB Reynolds reply

    I just love that he and Buoy have the same birthday! Happy Birthday Bokeh! Can’t wait to finally meet you in August!!

  7. Jamie reply

    Aw what a cute puppers! Dog posts are almost as good as meeting in person, makes me want to go get one of my own. Great images as always Katelyn- Happy Birthday Bokeh!

  8. Tina reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOKEH!! He is such a cutie!! howd you get him to wear that hat!? i cant get any of my pets to do that! lol

  9. Emily reply

    Oh my goodness, his mannerisms reminds me so much of my Oliver! Happy 1st birthday to Bokeh!!!

  10. Beth reply

    Happy birthday to Bokeh!

  11. Brenda reply

    That’s my Grandpuppy!!! Isn’t he cute? I luv Bokeh Boy! I wonder how many pics KK had to take to get that first adorable one? Ummmm . . . ’cause I know how much energy that crazy boy has! Happy birthday Bokeh

  12. Annetta reply

    He is just toooo cute!!

  13. Katie Yuen reply

    He is just the cutest! Happy Happy Birthday to Bokeh!!!! :)

  14. Laura Elizabeth reply

    Awwwwwe!!! So adorable :) I have a Bichon who gives me hourly “head tilts” and LOVES drinking out of the faucet!

    Happy Birthday Bokeh!

  15. ashley link reply

    awwww!!! happy early birthday bokeh! maybe he’ll make an appearance at the workshop?! ;)

  16. Kristina W. reply

    TOO Cute! :) Happy Birthday Bokeh!

  17. Jenny reply

    Lordy, that is the cutest dog EVER!!!

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