• Brandon + Chrissy | Part I

Yes, that’s right! I’m officially the most indecisive person to ever walk the planet! It was taking me forever and a day to pick images for the blog.  I just couldn’t pick! I normally blog close to 25 per wedding and then add a slide-show but this one is different! Sooo different. This wasn’t a normal wedding for me, it was BRANDON AND CHRISSY’S wedding! For those of you who don’t know Brandon and Chrissy, you need to understand that they are by far two of my most favorite people.


I met Brandon after meeting Chrissy my Junior year of High school.  When we met, his hair was literally longer than mine! haha I slowly got to know Brandon through his relationship with Chrissy until he decided to transfer to CNU.  It was so awesome to get to see them together as a couple.  Brandon is such an awesome example of a godly man who loves so intentionally. I’ve learned so much from them, from their story, and from their struggles.  That is why this wedding was so incredible for me.  I’ve watched this couple go through valleys and I’ve seen them rejoice on the happiest day of their life!


Chrissy was my smallgroup leader through my Sophomore year of college.  She’s incredible.  I have never met such a patient, gentle-spirited woman with such passion and discernment.  Chrissy is beautiful, gorgeous…. I mean, just look at her pictures! She’s amazing inside and out and I love her.  I love that I have had the privilege of walking through life with her and her roomates the last two years of college.  They set the example.  I watched them live together and become sisters.  I looked up to them so much and still do.  It was so fun to spend the WHOLE day with all of them, start to finish.


Chrissy was stunning, Brandon was so handsome. It was a flawless wedding full of tears of joy and excitement.  Please enjoy “Part I” of their post and I can’t wait to show you the first pics of Mr. and Mrs. Duke!

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  1. Michael reply

    Man…the one of Chrissy by herself looking down in front of the window…i think it is called blog 20…it is amazing. Cant wait for part 2…why was I not there.

  2. Charity Knutti reply

    The dress shots are gorgeous, she is gorgeous, they are all beautiful!!! Another incredible set of pictures as usual :)

  3. Jessie reply

    Katelyn!! your detail shots are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Chrissy, you look amazing!! I’m so happy for you both :0)

  4. Anna reply

    yay!!!! I get so excited looking at all these pictures… ONE DAY :)

  5. Gayle Terry reply

    As ever the pictures are elegant, amazing, and all the other adjectives in the book. By far my favorite is blog 93…the banana and juicebox are priceless!

  6. kaitlin martinez reply

    ahhh katelynn!! you’re sooo dang talented (I mean it doesn’t totally hurt that you happened to photograph a gorgeous couple). I looove them!! you are incredible!

  7. kaitlin martinez reply

    ps i spelled your name wrong, i’m a dork and i hate when people spell my name wrong. haha, forgive me!

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