Meet Brendan

Richmond Senior Shoot

We’ve been in

Richmond over two years…. which means we’ve known some of our youth group kids for over two years. So normally, I would be able to know exactly what to expect from the ones we know best. Well, that’s not true with Brendan. I honestly had no clue what to expect from him during his senior portraits…. and as you look through his pictures, you’ll know what I mean by that!! Brendan and Michael were close from the very beginning and I can’t believe this young, goofy sophomore kid that we met two years ago has grown up and is heading to college in a year! Time is flying by!!

Thankfully, we shot Brendan’s portraits while shooting Rachel’s too and so that gave Brendan some 5 minute breaks to climb walls, jump railings and do other stupid things with Michael while he waited for his turn again! In between these random spurts of energy, we were able to capture some great portraits. Brendan we love you! …. Even when you do weird things with our poor puppy. Enjoy my favorites! …. and a few bloopers:)

FAVORITE!! Love this one!!
Ok and I had to add these two:)

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  1. Ashley Jock: ( )

    These are so good! Love them!

  2. Laura Kelly: ( )

    the bowtie is killer :)

  3. molly: ( )

    these are awesome! he looks like a hilarious kid. i kinda wanna be his friend. and those last two are adorable.

  4. Jasmine Sparks: ( )

    He is super cute ;) OMG!

  5. Melissa Kate: ( )

    love all these! the second to last is my absolute fav.

  6. Sharon Elizabeth: ( )

    How cute is he!?!!?!? Love these!

  7. Don Parr: ( )

    Thanks Katelyn! Love them …. Proud Dad!!

  8. lindy: ( )

    adorable! — but i’m definitely partial to high school love <3

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