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Windsor Castle, Smithfield Wedding Photographer

Bridal shoots

don’t happen very often for me and so when I have one booked, I’m pumped!  It’s such a southern tradition and I know so many photographers in the Carolina’s that shoot them for EVERY bride! It’s a fun shoot but it does take some prep work for the bride and so I understand why most opt out of the shoot. I shoot bridal portraits on the day of the wedding but if you’re wanting a canvas displayed at your reception, a bridal session is a must! :) Whitney’s session could be described as “A piece of cake”. Seriously! We shot this session in record time because we had a late start and the sun was setting FAST!

So I shot like a mad woman and she modeled like she owned Windsor Castle!! Michael came along so that I could work on the drive down and he brought Bokeh along. I have to say that Bokeh probably had the TIME OF HIS LIFE because we let him try out his first dog park! It was hilarious!!! He loved it! So while I shot these portraits, Bokeh had a play date. It was overall just a wonderful fall afternoon!!! Enjoy some favorites of this beautiful bride! Whit, you’re stunning!!!



A favorite!
Golden light!

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  1. Kristina W.: ( )

    Whitney is gorgeous and so are these photos! Wow!

  2. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    These are beyond amazing! If I was Whitney, I would have the hardest time picking one picture to put on a canvas! This is definitely my favorite bridal session from you…her dress, the lighting, posing, and, of course, the gorgeous bride!!

  3. Sharon Elizabeth: ( )

    these are gorgeous!!!! three things… 1) i LOVE seeing your new perspective years later at windsor castle — these are incredible… 2) with windsor castle being a photo-haven around here, these are top-notch for some of the photos i’ve seen… AUH-MAZING and 3) i am SO mad you were literally like 2 miles from me and didn’t call… we’ll have to discuss this next time!!! hehe =) xo

  4. Girish: ( )

    Fantastic photographs. Beautifully done. You should do these more often.

  5. Stephanie Messick: ( )

    BEAUTIFUL images as always Katelyn :)

  6. Blythe Klippstein: ( )

    So pretty!! I’m SOOOO glad I opted for this!!! :) Cannot wait!! :) xo

  7. Abby Grace: ( )

    I love how her hair started to fall at the end- so soft and romantic! Bridal sessions are the bee’s knees. I wish more brides opted to do them these days!

  8. Allison: ( )

    Umm absolutely love love love these!!!!! Red barn?! Amazing backdrop!!

  9. Sara W: ( )

    oh my sweet goodness! these made me wish even more than I already do that I had been able to do bridal portraits! simply amazing, she is beautiful.

  10. Bethany McDonnell: ( )

    These are very beautiful! I love them!

  11. Jolynn: ( )

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! And such amazing light!

  12. Lindy: ( )

    so so sO gorgeous!

  13. Bethany Ann: ( )

    How stunning!!!! Love the dress, her hair, the images, everything! :)

  14. Becky: ( )

    These are so beautiful! I especially love the one where she’s messing with her earring- the light and colors, ahhh! So great!

  15. Taryn: ( )


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