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Ask Anything

I don’t know about you, but when I think about the new year, I think about FRESH starts, clean houses, big dreams and NEW PLANNERS!!! Who doesn’t love a NEW PLANNER right?! When you have a brand new, un-marked, planner in front of you…. there’s this weird motivation to want to use it PERFECTLY, right?! Am I the only only with this strange sensation? I hope not. The issue is, you can’t use ALL of the super cute planners out there. Any truthfully, I think a lot of women spend big time bucks on planners that aren’t really suited perfectly for them.


Ask Anything

  • Creating the Glow

I’m always blown away to hear from blog readers across the pond! That’s just so cool!! I recently got an email from Peter from England and he was asking about lighting. So instead of typing all of this out in a long email, I thought it would be nice to just do a blog post! I’ve missed my Ask Anything series! During wedding season we are shooting so much that it’s hard to make time in the blogging schedule for educational posts. Well, now it’s the off season and I’m excited to be able to help some more!


Ask Anything

  • 5 Simple Must- Haves to Increase Blog Traffic

is one thing I have learned about blogging, it’s that I’ll never be perfect at it. I’m constantly telling you all about my many spelling errors.. it drives my momma CRAZY! And the truth is, there is actually a lot that I could be doing to help grow and maintain my blog but life just gets in the way sometimes! I was recently asked if I used TAGS on my blog posts for SEO purposes and my response was “Well, I used to!!!”. And that’s the truth! I used to tag every wedding with descriptive key words and I did this religiously!

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