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Tips for Shooting a Rainy Wedding Day


of most frequently asked questions that we receive during wedding season is “Soooo, what do you do if it RAINS?!”. I posted about this way back in 2011 but that post was really just written for my brides. I wanted to reassure them that even if it rains, they will still have beautiful portraits and BRIGHT colors in their images! Overcast skies means vibrant colors! This post is geared more towards all of the photographers out there that cringe at the thought of rain on a wedding day! I’m with you. I don’t love rain on wedding days BUT I’ve learned that a little or even A LOT of rain doesn’t mean you can’t capture great portraits in natural light!

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OCF & Specialty Shots

I remember

being SO intimidated by ANYTHING that had to do with FLASH or off-camera lighting. 3 years ago, I had good reason to be intimidated because I didn’t understand flash or off-camera lighting like I do now. I’m no genius when it comes to artificial light but I do know more now!! I’m creating well exposed images consistently when using flash and I actually understand WHY they are turning out well instead of just shooting and praying that something good will happen. Shooting and just hoping for something decent to be captured isn’t a very professional approach and so if you’re in that place,

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Second Guessing

We were

about the start shooting a wedding at a cathedral. It was one of our amazing 2012 couple’s wedding day and everything was going so so well! Getting ready, first look, portraits, everything had been perfect! We arrive to the beautiful cathedral where the ceremony would be taking place and I notice that there are BRIGHT spotlights on the altar. So bright that you can feel the heat from them when you’re standing under them!! Me being nosy and not wanting to bother anyone, I started looking for the dimmer switch. Unfortunately it was no where to be found and so I passed the priest in the hallway and mentioned my concern.

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Getting Published | Part 2

I’m back

again with the Part 2 post of the “How to get my work Published” series! This is a question that a lot of photographers ask us and I’m excited to finish the series with some serious take-home items that you can implement today! The goal of these Ask Anything posts is to give other photographers some tips and specific steps to move their businesses forward and getting featured is a big part of growth! But if you remember my first post about this, it’s important for “Getting Published” to not be the main goal of your business.

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Getting Published | Part 1


is a question that I am asked often. “How do I get published?!” It’s a tricky question to answer because getting “Published” means all sorts of things to photographers these days! To me, getting “Published” and getting “Featured” are two different things. I think of Publishing as PRINT and Features as BLOGS and online posts. When it comes to getting published/featured, I think deep down, EVERY photographer wants some type of recognition for their work. It feels good to see your work in a magazine or on a national wedding blog but let me say this…..


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