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Photography Degree?

I am

asked this question a lot…. more than you may think. After chatting about what I do for a living, it’s very common for this question to come next “So, did you go to school for photography?”. For YEARS this question used to be so daunting. I used to dread answering it. I dreaded the answer because I believed that because I didn’t have a degree in photography, I was less of a photographer. I thought that if I had a degree in photography, that would make me more legit and more talented. To be honest, I don’t know what my skill level and my business would like WITH a photography degree.

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Working with Videographers

I’m not

sure where it started but some where along the line, there became a feud between photographers and videographers. Maybe one person stepped in the other person’s shot a few too many times or may their styles didn’t align and it was hard to work together. I’m not sure what happened but ever since I entered the industry 5 years ago, I have noticed a sense of animosity between photographers and videographers and it’s not very pleasant. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not living under a rock. I KNOW that it can be hard to work with certain vendors. I’d had my fair share of videographers that step RIGHT in front of the mother of the bride to get a ring shot and totally block my angle.

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Chromatic Aberration... Ewww


photographer has dealt with this at some point or another. And if a photographer says to you “I’ve never had an issue with Chromatic Aberration”, chances are, they have but they aren’t aware of it! It’s a TINY little issue that photographers run into with intricate details in images. Please don’t ask me to explain what causes chromatic aberration in detail because I already sound nerdy enough just mentioning the name!! (And to be honest, I really don’t know!) What I DO know is that when you’re shooting heavily detailed things, chromatic aberration has the possibility of rearing its’ ugly head!

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Email Productivity & Organization

I really

believe that efficiency happens in the little things. Please know that I will NEVER claim to be 100% efficient in everything I do. There are somethings that just distract me and totally derail my productivity on a daily basis and I’m trying my BEST to get better at avoiding them. One of those things comes in the form of a fluffy, apricot colored fur-ball. The other distractions are normally online… facebook, pinterest, twitter. Social media can be SO good for a business and yet so bad at the same time. Over the course of the last 4 years, I’ve realized a few things about my office productivity

Ask Anything

Watermarking Woes & Why I Share Freely

Many have

asked me this same question over and over again in my workshops and my coaching sessions and even in emails. Photographers AND brides want to know, do I give my clients high res files of their images. They also want to know why I don’t place a watermark ON my images on facebook or on the blog. Well, this can be answered in so many ways. First, let me explain something about the industry. It used to be that when you hired a photographer, you paid a sitting fee and then you paid a small fortune in prints. Photography was a product based business and handing over digital files was unheard of.


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