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Patrick + Anna Maria | Engaged

  • A Millenium Park Engagement Shoot | Chicago

with a simple post on Facebook. I was traveling out to Chicago to shoot my cousin’s engagement session and I mentioned it on my KJP Facebook page. Literally a few hours later, I received an email from Anna Maria asking if there was ANY way that they could have their engagements done in Chicago too! I’m shooting Patrick and Anna’s wedding in Fredericksburg, VA this fall and we had scheduled an engagement for Virginia in June. However, when Anna Maria heard I was coming to Chicago, she just had to ask and see if this could work out! …. Well, it did!! We found a way to coordinate our schedules

Ryan + Paige | Engaged

  • Downtown Chicago | Lincoln Park Engagement Session

are some posts that I just don’t know where to start. This would be one of them! I remember laying in the bed at our cousin’s lake house with Paige and talking about all the things that teenage girls talk about. Driving, clothes, high school and of course….boys. I actually don’t have any “real” cousins… Paige is my second cousin once removed and so we refer to each other as our “Cousin Squared”…. once again, we came up with that when we were in our teens and at the time, it was hilarious to us. :) Anyway, I didn’t have any real cousins growing up but 12 years ago, we drove out to Chicago for Paige’s sister’s wedding and Paige and I just “clicked”.

Harrison + Rachel | Engaged

  • Downtown Charleston Engagement Shoot

emailed me about the possibility of shooting their engagement session in Charleston and I think I probably responded with an immediate “YES!”. Charleston?! I love that place!! It’s one of my all time favorite cities to shoot in and I was ready to make another trip down south! I have shot in Charleston a couple other times and I have always driven down. It was about 8 hours from Richmond and so Michael and I decided to make a road trip out of it. I worked super hard on emails and office related things while we drove down so that once we arrived, I didn’t have to look at my laptop until the drive home!

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