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Travis + Shannon | Engaged

A Carytown Engagement Shoot

I don’t

know if you’ve noticed or not… but my blog posts have been going up a little earlier than usual this week! It’s a new habit I’m trying to form! (wish me luck!) Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation to get my posts up early… especially since I have been blogging every weekday for over 5 YEARS! Crazy right?! Well, it wasn’t hard to get motivated for this one because I absolutely adore these two. Travis and Shannon are just the cutest and I am SO thankful we were able to spend some time together on Monday for their engagement shoot before the arctic decided to come visit the east coast!

John + Lisa | Engaged

A Library Inspired Engagement Shoot | CNU


you remember last Friday? If you are in Virginia, it was a nasty day. Torrential downpours, grey skies and it was going to stay that way ALL DAY. The problem with this was that I was driving down to my alma mater for an engagement session. This shoot wasn’t something we could reschedule because John and Lisa traveled from NEW YORK to have these done on campus!! I will admit that as my windshield wipers were going at full speed on the drive down, I was a little concerned. However, I can honestly say that despite the rain, this is one of my favorite campus engagement sessions!

Zach + Britta | Engaged

A Chihuly Museum Engagement Session | Seattle Wedding Photographer


again, we are working with another bride who LOVES photography! I knew Britta and I would be a great pair when she emailed me asking me about her ceremony location and the direction of the sun. She wanted to make sure the lighting would be perfect! My kind of girl!!! :) Britta is a photographer and she is marrying her high school sweetheart outside of Seattle next year! Zach and Britta are the sweetest couple… so in love and so ready to start their new life together! We absolutely loved meeting up with them in Seattle for their engagement session.

Erik + Meagan | Engaged

A Hawaiian Engagement Session | Lanikai Beach, Oahu

A few

months ago, I blogged about some BIG dreams. I threw some crazy ones out there like shooting a wedding in Italy, visiting Australia and last but not least… shooting a session Hawaii! Welp! Mark one of those items off the list!! I love how God works things out. I blogged about that and then one of our sweet friends from high school got in engaged! And guess where she lives…. HAWAII! Not only does she live in Hawaii, she lives on Oahu and was flying in the DAY we were going to be flying out! Despite the limited time frame, we made a shoot happen on the beautiful beaches of Lanikai!! Meagan and Erik look the part of a perfect beachy couple living the dream in Hawaii!

Best of Engagements 2013

A Year in Review
best of engagements 2013


You saw my “Best of Weddings 2013”. Today I’m posting the “Best of Engagements”! It’s really interesting to think about what I consider a “good image” these days. My goal several years ago was to define my style more and more with every shoot. Engagement sessions were my time to do that. During an eshoot I have control, time, and complete freedom to be creative. Well now that I have a pretty defined style, the challenge is to continue to perfect my work without growing stale…. and that’s actually very hard to do. I know the formula.


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