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Jason + Mary | Engaged

A Fall, Maymont Park Engagement


hard to believe that Michael and I moved to Richmond over three years ago! I remember growing up and hearing about Maymont, Belle Isle and Carytown but never visiting RVA at all! I mean, we went to the museums and IMAX theater as kids, but I didn’t REALLY see all that Richmond had to offer until the last three years. It’s such a beautiful city and the longer we’re here, the more I love it! The heart of Richmond is home for Jason and Mary! They live really close to Maymont Park and so it made perfect sense for us to shoot there! It was SO beautiful so that park was packed! It looked like fall but felt like mid September!

Jake + Lindsay | Engaged

An Old Town Alexandria Engagement Shoot


were greeted by Jake and Lindsay in Founder Park and Lindsay had cookies in hand! My kind of girl!! These weren’t “break and bake”, they were homemade, custom decorated cookies that looked like they came straight from the bakery! They were beautiful! (And I say “were” because they are no longer with us…. they were delicious). Jake and Lindsay were all smiles and their laughter made their shoot so joyful and so much fun! We walked the streets of Old Town Alexandria and found little nooks and crannies to shoot in!

Adam + Sarah | Engaged

A Gravelly Point Engagement


met them at Gravelly Point, a park outside of DC right next to the airport! This was a perfect location for them because they spend many summer afternoons at this place on the water. Michael and I headed up to meet Adam and Sarah last Friday and we loved getting to know these two! Michael doesn’t always get to accompany me on engagement shoots but when he does, it’s a lot of fun. I love that Michael had a chance to meet yet another amazing 2014 couple!! Adam and Sarah are awesome. Their smiles and their joy is so evident in their images and if they were this happy on their

Chris + Sarah | Engaged

A Lexington Virginia Engagement


was a summer intern for our church’s youth group our second summer here in Richmond. We saw each other at youth group and other church events and I just loved Sarah. She has the sweetest personality and is so easy to talk to. We started meeting up for coffee every now and then and the more I got to know her, the more I loved her heart. She’s so passionate about her friends and her faith and I have loved seeing her grow over the past few years! One of my favorite sarah-dates was when we went to Jason’s Deli and she told me about Chris.

Matt + Ashleigh | Engaged

A Richmond City View Engagement


week I met these two in downtown Richmond for their engagement session and I have to admit that I think October is one of the BEST months for engagement sessions! It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold! It’s just perfect! We loved walking around Jefferson Park and Rocketts landing and getting to know each other a little bit! I knew before I even met these two that they were a special couple. If I told you their full proposal story, you would understand what I mean! Matt set the bar SO high when it comes to proposals!! These two couldn’t be more in love and I was constantly


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