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Ryan + Laura | Engaged

A Downtown Baltimore Engagement


thing that I love about this job is that we get to travel. Sure, it’s a lot to manage sometimes but the cool thing about the traveling part is that now Michael gets to go everywhere with me! We see SO many cities and we love it! This past weekend was quite a whirlwind. We shot a local wedding Saturday, drove to Baltimore sunday to shoot this engagement session and then we drove to Annapolis for a special coaching session and THEN drove to Bethany Beach for another engagement session! We’re crazy!! But we actually got a lot accomplished in one trip up north and that was the plan!

Tim + Mary Margaret | Engaged

A Country Sunrise Shoot

In college

there were some people that we saw everyday. My roommates, our neighbors, etc. There were also some friends that we only saw every now and then because of the age difference, class schedules and living arrangements. Michael and I have been friends with Mary Margaret and Tim since college but because I wasn’t in Young Life, I didn’t get to see them very often. We share all of the same friends and I have always thought to myself “Gosh, they’re super cute together…. I wonder when they’re getting engaged!!”. Well, the proposal happened this summer and their getting married this winter in the most adorable location!!

Will + Caroline | Engaged

A Fashion Inspired Engagement Shoot


is something a little different on the blog today! This isn’t my normal style engagement shoot in a field or in a cute downtown area. Instead of shooting at a location, Caroline asked if she could shoot in her new house! This girl LOVES fashion, anything pink & glittery and she’s probably more obsessed with decorating that I am! Her home “screams” her and I love that she wanted to shoot there. Will and Caroline are such a sweet couple and I loved my time with them. Their home is not only full of A LOT of pink and gold… but it’s also full of PUPPIES! You just wait until you see this entire crew in their family picture!

Drew + Becca | Engaged

A Sarasota Florida Engagement Shoot

It was

close to three years ago when I hosted my first large scale workshop here in Richmond. I was newly married and I finally had a chance to pour my time and energy into teaching and I was really excited about it! We launched registration for the “Sugar Shoot” and I was so pumped to meet the 20 photographers who would be attending! I was SHOCKED when I saw that a young, aspiring photographer would be traveling all the way from FLORIDA! What?!! That’s so crazy!! I couldn’t wait to meet her. That young photographer was Becca! She was so brave to travel up north to spend a day with photographers she didn’t know!

JR + Sarah | Engaged

A Virginia Beach Sunrise Engagement


are slowly becoming morning people. Michael and I have started committing to getting up early together so that we can get more done without feeling rushed AND we can have some quiet time in the morning. So basically, we’re getting up early for God. And then the only other people we would get up at the crack of dawn for is JR and Sarah! :) Sunrise shoots haven’t been my specialty in the past just because I haven’t been a morning person. HOWEVER, after JR & Sarah’s beautiful VA beach shoot at 6:30am this past Saturday, I think I could get used to them!


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