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WAY too late last night. This week was filled with some computer glitches that have now seemed to have resolved themselves, we’ll see. So my normal schedule of editing and feeling in control of everything business-related was completely thrown out the window.  Ya’ know what happens when I have a week like that? I’m the WORST person to be around. Oh I may seem so “happy and peppy” on the blog but watch out world when Katelyn’s computer isn’t working and her workflow is thrown off. I’m surprised Michael even came home! I just wasn’t a pleasant person this week and because he’s the best husband


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how I hadn’t realized this!! The Knot had contacted me about featuring our honeymoon and I filled out all the paperwork, but when the VA, MD, DC issue came out and the honeymoon feature was no where to be found, I thought “Well, that’s ok, features get dropped all the time”.  I forgot about it… TOTALLY. Well, I forgot about it until yesterday when my friend Amanda wrote on my FB wall and said “Oh hey, did you know your honeymoon is in The Knot?”.  WHAT?!! I was both confused and so excited at the same time!!


  • and a life lesson.

been a hard one. Last week we lost one of youth in a tragic car accident.  Although Michael and I didn’t know her really well, this sweet girl was friends with so many in our youth group and it’s so hard to watch them miss their friend. So because the blog reaches so many people, from so many places, please be praying for the Nease family as they try to adjust to life without their beautiful daughter, Amber. The service this morning was beautiful and I’m so thankful that she knew the Lord. There is no doubt in my mind that we will see her again one day.

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