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Wedding Channel Bridal Blog Awards
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Momma and I went to the gym tonight even though we didn’t want to… at all.  We were so proud of ourselves that we went to Applebee’s afterwards and had their amazing honey barbeque boneless wings! We’re bad…but they were so, so good! Before we left the gym, I was checking my emails and I received one from Erin at the Wedding Channel. Not really paying attention, I opened it, scanned over it and then put my phone down. It was only a matter of seconds before I realized what it said and I quickly re-read it for real this time!! The Wedding Channel announced today that I was their “Editor’s Pick” for the Wedding Photography Category of their Bridal Blog Awards!…

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Wedding Channel Bridal Blog Awards!

Soooo… somewhere out there, there is one of you fabulous blog readers that nominated me for the Wedding Channel Bridal Blog awards! I was so shocked, honored and excited when I received the email that I was a finalist! Woohoo!!! So for whoever nominated me, THANK YOU! Wow!!!!

Now I need some help! In order to win overall, I need some votes! So if you enjoy reading the blog, click over to THE WEDDING CHANNEL and add your vote!! Just click “Katelyn James Photography”!! Thanks a million!!!