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2nd Place | I Heart Faces Contest

Guest Judge Jasmine Star

2nd Place for “I Heart Faces” Contest!

As I blogged earlier this week, I entered a little contest for and I’m here to announce that I won 2nd place! SO EXCITING!!! Winners don’t receive a prize, just simply a “good job” from another photographer and in this case, it just happened to be J*!!  If you don’t know what “J*” stands for by now than you need to get with it! haha Just kidding…but seriously….she’s my favorite and if you’re a faithful blog stalker you would know that! Seriously, If I had to have one person say job well done and give their stamp of approval, she would be my first choice!

Captains Log Feature


good ol’ “Captain’s Log”

While this still isn’t what I had in mind when I stated a goal of having my images “published”, it’s something that grabs attention and business for free! haha If you are a CNU student, be sure to check out this issue of the “Captain’s Log” and check out the front page of the Arts and Entertainment section.  You will find one of my former clients’ head-shot right smack on the middle of the page! Congrats Peter on all of your accomplishments!!!


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