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Good Things

Potted Plants, World Market, & Grilled Cheese
good things

So random…

…I know. You’re probably thinking… “Oh Katelyn… what are you talking about now?!”.  These 3 things have NOTHING to do with one another!  Welp! These are just some recent “Good Things” that have caught my attention recently and so I’m going to share them… as random as they may be, they are all definitely worthy to be a on a “Good things” post! “Good things” aren’t always cute and stylish and they most certainly do not ALWAYS photograph well. This series exist simply to share a little piece of randomness from my life and maybe someone will be able to adopt one of these “good things” and love them just as much as I do. So lets get to it!

Good Things

Personalized Stampers
personalized stamper

A personalized stamper

is really unnecessary… I realize this. Michael and I are trying to cut back on the unnecessary purchases, not eating out as much, etc. etc. So when this personalized stamper came in the mail a few days ago, I really felt the need to exclaim that “This will save us money in the long run! It will! And look how awesome it is!”. I immediately began stamping every envelope that had come in the mail that day (wasting our precious ink). He agreed that is was pretty sweet (and I don’t normally use the word “sweet” so you know it’s really cool:).  I love it and it makes me want to crank out some thank you cards!

Good Things

After Christmas Sales & Restoration Hardware
restoration hardware

It’s been

FOREVER since I posted a “Good Things” post! Really… I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to really sit down and blog about all the little things in life that make it…well… “good”!  I obviously can’t list every little aspect of my life that makes me smile because that blog post would be extremely long and somewhat boring to read. So I’ll just start today with a recent “good thing” that I think just about every girl LOVES…. AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES!! The BEST sales are on the Christmas decor and for a girl who has a new little house to decorate now… these sales are AMAZING! …. (especially at Pier 1! Love that place! I would live there if Michael would let me)

Good Things

martha stewart to do lists katelyn james photography-7634


….it’s such an important part of my life right now…. or at least it should be. There are so many different things going on.  Paperwork is everywhere!  Client invoices, loan documents, wedding receipts, thank you cards to write (from GRADUATION!)…. it’s all adding up and my life and my business are starting to blur. I have a business to run and weddings to shoot every weekend until September. I also have a wedding to plan… a LARGE wedding to plan and a ton of vendors of my own to keep straight! whew! Like I said, it’s all running together.  The numbers, the papers, the to-do lists! I needed a good way to separate all of my “to-do’s” so that I can…


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