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Bryan + Shirley

  • A Winter Wedding Shoot | Richmond, VA

week I had been driving past the remnants of snow on the streets and sidewalks. I just love how beautiful the snow makes the city. It covers the dirt and turns normal side streets into dream photo destinations. I was so excited that Bryan and Shirley’s shoot was this past Friday because the snow stuck around just long enough to be the perfect background for their images! Bryan had emailed me MANY months ago to setup a time for this shoot. He wanted to do this for his new wife and he wanted it to be perfect! …. And it was. :)

Ted + Heather | Married

  • A Winter Anniversary Shoot | Richmond, VA

days happen in a flash! You always hear that but you never understand it until it’s your own wedding day! All of a sudden, you’re being introduced at your own reception and you’re thinking “Wait! It’s almost over?!”. Our wedding was a blur…. a beautiful blur! And our wedding pictures help us remember how amazing that day was. However, even though we have fabulous images… what bride wouldn’t want to get dolled up again and spend an hour or so taking a few extra wedding portraits with her new husband?! Michael, I know it’s been two years but this would be FUN!! :) Ted and Heather just shared their one year anniversary in December

Tony + Kara | Married

  • Classic Winter Wedding Shoot

married last New Years Eve.  The weather was a dream come true and everyone was excited…. but Tony was sick. He felt awful on their wedding day.  They did their best to make it through the portraits and continue on to the reception. Even though it wasn’t the ideal situation, they made the most of it. Kara told me this story when we started emailing a few months back. I was heartbroken for her. She explained that she REALLY wanted to relive the portrait part of her wedding day and so we made it happen! I met Tony and Kara in downtown Richmond last week for a “Married” shoot.  They got back into their wedding attire and we treated their portrait session

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