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My First Investors

A Thank You to Momma & Daddy


we’re hosting a small business workshop for the first time!! It’s going to be in our home, like our normal, 2-day workshops, but it’s different because it’s not within the photography realm!! I’m both excited and a little nervous at the same time! :) Ya know there are seasons that I go through when I wonder “Wait, what in the world am I doing?!!! …. I’m teaching workshops? I’m helping other small business owners who aren’t even in my industry?! I don’t have the right to do that!! I’m only 26!! Almost everyone attending is my age or older!!”. I can think of a million reasons and excuses as to why this endeavor is just crazy.

Joe + Emily | Part 3

Behind the Scenes

This post

is a FUN one! My sister’s wedding was absolutely amazing and it flowed smoothly because of so many people who helped us out!! Now, this isn’t the post where I’m going to breakdown how I shot her wedding. That’s coming later this week!! Today I’m showing some behind the scenes shots and thanking a VILLAGE of people who came alongside of us to make May 30th happen! Have you ever heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child?”… I hear it all the time when my friends with kids share about how much they need their family and friends. I think the same phrase could be used for wedding planning!

The Secret is Out

A Gift for Emy

At my

wedding, my baby brother was Michael’s best man. I remember when Michael told me he was going to ask Corey to fill that role and I got all teary. Corey and Michael have been buds since Corey was a little guy. Corey looked great standing beside Michael at the front of the church and I’ll never forget how special it was to have my sister as my maid of honor and my little brother as the best man… the only member of our family that wasn’t standing at the altar was my poor momma because my dad officiated our ceremony!! :) We had an AWESOME wedding day and Corey had fun but he was stressed the whole time

To Emy on Her Wedding Day

My Sister is Getting Married!

It’s here….

today is the day!! It all seems so surreal. I was never the super overbearing, over protective older sister but I always wanted the best for you. I worried when you entered high school that you wouldn’t find true, loyal and faithful friends because I knew there was a shortage of those in our school. When you went to college I prayed everyday that you would find what I had found in college…. amazing, Jesus loving girlfriends…. friends that would love you and accept you and would end up being bridesmaids in your wedding one day…..

Bokeh The Bichpoo

5 Things You Didn't Know About Him!


sweet boy…. He has brought so much joy into our lives. When we first got him, we had so many people telling us how we should house train him and what groomer we should use and how often to feed him. So many different opinions! I feel like getting Bokeh was a great way to experience a small example of what it’s going to be like having a child one day. From what I’ve read and seen from our friend’s with kids, it seems like EVERYONE has an opinion about how you should be parenting! Ah! Well, there are a couple of the following “5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bokeh” that


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