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Merry Christmas!

  • Love the Alsops!!

house to yours… MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I’m so BEYOND thankful for all of you that check this crazy blog. This blog started as a little place for me to post my work… and it’s turned into the HEARTBEAT of my business. I’m so blessed that people even care to come back to it day after day! That really blows my mind!! Most days I like to think that just my mom and sister check the blog because it’s less intimidating that way!! However, google analytics would suggest otherwise. My mother would actually appreciate it if I were to feel more intimidated about my blogging because

The Promise

  • Where's God in the Midst of Tragedy?

to feel removed from it all. The news is something that we all watch and as we continue to see more and more horrific things, I think we tend to grow accustomed to them. When I heard about the CT tragedy, I was shocked and baffled at how someone could be so senseless.  Lives were torn apart, families are devastated and a community is broken…. but it didn’t REALLY hit me. My heart hurt for everyone affected but it wasn’t until I was driving up to my parent’s house a few nights ago that it really GOT to me. I was listening to the christian radio station and thinking about the parents that will never see their precious children again.

A Massive Personal Project

  • We're Building a House!

never been more EXCITED and simultaneously SCARED TO DEATH about something before in my life!  Michael and I have some BIG news!!! We’re building a HOUSE?! I say that with a question mark because I still don’t believe it! I’ll believe it when they start digging up the ground!!! We’re obviously at the beginning stages and since we’re such newbies at this, we’re the weirdos that drive by our lot every other day just to make sure “nothing has happened”.  To say we’re excited would be an understatement!  I mentioned a few days ago that we were working on a MASSIVE personal project…. well this is it!

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