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Christmas in NYC

A Family Trip to the Big Apple | 2013

One night

while we were visiting my sister in PA, we sat in her apartment around 10:00 at night and her boyfriend (now fiance!) said “Hey! Lets do something crazy and drive to NYC just for the heck of it!” While I appreciated his enthusiasm, I knew that wouldn’t happen that night. We were tired and a spur of the moment NYC run wasn’t going to take place BUT it did start the conversation about how we should make an NYC trip happen sometime!! At Thanksgiving we casually talked about going up to New York for a quick weekend trip but nothing was set in stone.

Christmas Card Portraits

2013 | Jillian Michelle Photography

Have you

ever stopped to think about ALL THE THINGS we strive to accomplish at Christmas time?!! We literally pack as much STUFF as we possibly can into one month and it’s kind of crazy when you really sit down and consider ALL that goes into the Christmas season! Now, I’m not complaining! I LOVE THIS SEASON! If I could sit in my living room with a glowy tree all year long, I would! I’m tempted to leave our decor up until February!! However, during my late night errands and christmas card addressing, I realized that what we’re accomplishing during Christmas is REALLY impressive!!

Sick Day

But also a day to be thankful!

Today is

a sick day. I’m not deathly ill… just a cold. But it’s one of those colds that leaves you feeling absolutely horrible in the mornings and then you feel close to normal by 10am but all you want to do is sit on the couch wrapped up in a blanket!! As I got up in the middle of the night to blow my nose, take more tylenol and try to fall back asleep. I became SO thankful that I’m not one to get sick very often. This happens about twice a year and that’s the extent of my “sickness”. I have a pretty good immune system considering all of the traveling we do and our seasons where we lack sleep!

Amazing Abby

A Story Worth Sharing

Well this

wasn’t on the “blog calendar” for today…. and I’m more than ok with that. Tonight I was wasting time on Facebook and I saw a status that really caught me off guard. When I was first starting into the photography world, there were several photographers that used Showit that I remember checking out their sites. One of these photographers was Abigail Smith. She caught my attention because she was beautiful and she was a redhead!! I think we emailed a few times and left each other a few blog comments. We never met and we never knew one another in real life but she was a fellow

Dominican in December

We're Off the Grid!


technically “off the grid” right now! We have limited internet at the resort but no data access on our phones and you know what? It’s really nice!! Michael and I are with our new friends Justin and Chasity in the Dominican Republic and we’re SO excited to capture their beautiful wedding day tomorrow!! It was crazy to fly in on Wednesday in jeans and a cardigan and then enter a humid, 80 degree climate! I’m all for being in the Dominican in December!!!


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