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Aloha Vaca 2013 | Part 1

Our Hawaiian Vacation


almost overwhelming to try to put our whole trip into one post. Our vacation to Hawaii was simply amazing. It all came about in August at Brendan and Jenna’s wedding (which is featured in The Knot VAMDDC Magazine right now! Woohoo!). Josh and Mandy were in the bridal party and so was Michael. As they were sitting around the table, they casually said “Hey! We’re going to a wedding in Seattle after Christmas… anyone want to meet us in Hawaii?!”. Michael and I looked at each other and the wheels started turning.

Going Green

Welcoming Our New Vitamix To the Family!


decided about two weeks before Christmas that he REALLY wanted to enter into the Vitamix world. Well, this was a surprise to me…. especially since I had already purchased Michael’s Christmas a week earlier!!! I debated it. Those things are PRICEY and while I really wanted to try out the whole “Green Drink” phenomenon, I wasn’t sure if it was really all that it was cracked to be. You see, Michael loves gadgets and since I love Michael…. I bought him one. I returned some of his other gifts that were just “so-so” and surprised Michael with his dream blender on Christmas morning!

Leaving Paradise

& Entering the Arctic


we caught ourselves shivering in 60 degrees today in Hawaii. WOW. That’s how fast we grew used to this amazing weather!! How in the WORLD are we going to survive when we come home to the coldest temperatures of the YEAR?! Some friends are posting instagrams of -18 degrees in some parts of the country! YIKES! I’m praying that everyone’s heat is working well and that all of our friends in those arctic temperatures stay toasty somehow. Michael and I are in Seattle for a quick 48 hours and then we’ll be heading home and I’m praying that it’s warmer by the time we get there!

Bokeh's Says Thank You

To His Grandmas!


and I realize that once we have a family one day, we can’t necessarily travel the way we do now. Our schedules will have to subside and our days and evenings will be spent at home more often. But for right now, we’re young and we don’t have any kids…. except Bokeh Boy. Every time we have a long weekend or an all day event of some kind, he goes to one of his grandparent’s houses. We are SO thankful that they are only 50 minutes away and that they love him! There are some dogs that aren’t the easiest to care for and so we’re beyond thankful that our mom’s are constantly willing to take him.

It's Katelyn's Birthday!

And We're Off to Hawaii


have had so many emails asking why Michael does not blog more! Well today is the day! I’m filling in for a quick guest blog post. This is Michael, Katelyn’s husband, and I am blogging today because it is a very special day. Today is Katelyn’s 26th Birthday!!! Katelyn, it has been so exciting to watch you grow into the woman you are today. I can remember the “Katelyn’s Krafts” days when we all thought you were going to paint plates the rest of your life! (Thank goodness that wasn’t the case.) I can also remember this time last year when we were about to take the first steps of becoming a husband and wife team.


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