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Fairytale Wedding Inspiration

Styled Shoot | February 2014 Workshop Experience


wasn’t our most recent workshop styled shoot, this was the Fairytale shoot from our February workshop! I get chilly just thinking about it!!! It was a whopping 32 degrees and we had freezing rain during the whole shoot. Talk about a tricky situation! I had to get great shots, teach photographers and keep a freezing bride a live at the same time! Alicia was AH-MAZING. I mean, she’s always amazing but she and Rob truly rocked it out at this shoot!!! I couldn’t thank them enough. We couldn’t feel our hands or feet or noses. It was THAT cold. How she wasn’t blue? I have no idea!!

The Workshop Experience

April 2014 | Behind the Scenes

This is

a huge milestone for us!! We just completed our 4th 2-day workshop in our home. When we built the house, we made a goal of offering 4 workshops a year instead of 2 and we over tripled the length of them. We went from a 6 hour workshop day to over 24 hours of teaching time. Talk about a lot of talking!!! I have ZERO voice today and last night when the girls and I were going over branding and website tweaks, I sounded like I had been smoking for 20 years. My poor voice! haha But it’s gone for a good reason!!

We're Australia Bound!

The Workshop Experience | Adelaide, Australia

This is

probably one of our top 5 biggest business announcements to date. It’s one of those decisions that we talked about and after coming to the conclusion that we wanted to go for it, “YOLO!” would have been an appropriate way to end the conversation! It’s true, you only live once and so why not give your dreams a shot!? Sure, it’s scary and it’s a risk but this is also one of the most exciting adventures we’ve ever attempted in our business and we’re ready for a challenge!! Michael has always had a lifelong dream of visiting this amazing country and I have always wanted to teach overseas

CLIC Conference Recap

Raleigh, NC

I really

truly love this season of our life and our business. Having the opportunity to speak and share our hearts for this industry is such an honor. I don’t take it lightly. Whether it’s 5 people or 500, it’s a privilege to be asked to speak somewhere! As I was preparing my talk for the CLIC Conference that took place last Friday and Saturday, I realized just how AWESOME this was going to be. Not my talk…. the conference! That came out wrong! The CONFERENCE was going to be amazing because to my knowledge, there has never been a photography conference quite like this for women in this area. What a treat this was!

I'm Mobile!

The Best Business Expense of 2013


tax season… a season that we all dread. We have a great CPA that takes great care of us but no one really LOVES tax season. We’re very thankful for a great year financially but we are NOT looking forward to April 15th. Yikes. Anyway! Since we have been gathering records, receipts and documents for our tax return, it reminded me of a purchase that I am SO THANKFUL for!! This past November I was fed up with my laptop. Was it broken? No…. but it was MASSIVE. I bought that 17″ MacBookPro before I entered the “traveling” season of our business.


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