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A Lesson From George

  • Defining "Winning" and Taking Your Own Steps

As we sat in the living room watching the Golden Globes, my attention drifted off into my laptop. Award shows are the best thing to watch while doing emails! You look up, see the pretty dresses and then continue cranking out the messages! Well, Michael told me that I needed to stop and pay attention to George Clooney’s speech because it was supposed to be one of the best of the whole night. So I did. I stopped what I was doing and listened… I mean, it’s not hard to stop working to look at George Clooney.


The Best of Weddings 2014

  • The Images That Make me Feel Something

isn’t an easy way to narrow down my favorites. I had a system at the beginning of the year and it worked until May…. and then my sister got married! I was so busy that my system went out of the window. So! Once again, I struggled this year to really select my favorites. There are too many images in this post…. I’m well aware. I’m sure my hosting provider is aware too. :) I’m preparing myself for a blog crash! I just love having this post every year to look back on and see all of the work that makes me proud in one location! These images aren’t all the best technical shots…

Our Real Life

  • Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes 2014

is one of my top 5 favorite posts of the ENTIRE year!! You all get to see all of the “pretty” stuff…. and today you get to see what our wedding days REALLY look like! Sure, our couples are gorgeous and their weddings are stunning… but WE don’t always look gorgeous and stunning while we’re shooting. These are actually not the most flattering shots of us…. BUT, they are SUPER entertaining!! Not only do we get to show some shots of us working, we also try to take a few shots of our videographer friends too!!

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