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It’s bright

and early here is VA…. and I’m about to hit the road to head to Newport News to speak to CNU’s photography class! I’m so excited and yet somewhat nervous because….well…. I NEVER took CNU’s photo class. oops. If I had more time and wasn’t a communications major, I would have loved to have taken some extra art courses! However, my time was spent looking up theories and editing wedding images in my free time. I LOVED my time at CNU…. it flew by WAY too fast so if you’re a CNU student and you’re reading this…. ENJOY COLLEGE. Seriously. It will be over before you know it and all of a sudden you’ll have bills

J&M "Walk through a Wedding"

An American Honey Themed Wedding
honey themed yellow wedding

Everyone knows

I love details! …. LOVE THEM. Between the Sugar Shoot last weekend and J&M’s Walk through a Wedding last week, It’s been like detail OVERLOAD! …. and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I just LOVE themes and colors and styled shoots! There are just SO many awesome ideas out there for ALL types of brides. J&M’s American Honey theme would be perfect for a lower budget wedding and everything was DIY! With a little creativity and hot glue… you can make ANYTHING absolutely adorable. Julia and her style team did an incredible job with the details and of course, Justin and Mary were awesome teachers. I was SO excited when I saw that they would be in Charlotte, NC for one of their

american honey wedding theme

The Sugar Shoot | Part II

A Katelyn James Photography Workshop
retro wedding theme

I’m still

recovering from Saturday. I don’t have much of a voice but that’s definitely my own fault! I have this problem with being overly LOUD when I shoot.  If something is gorgeous, I squeal about it…. if the models look amazing… I squeal about it.  I get REALLY into “portraits” and “details”… it’s just my thing. So obviously, Saturday was like portrait and detail OVERLOAD. Thanks to the AMAZING ladies at the Sweet Spot, we had a gorgeous candy bar!! (I told you that you had only seen half of the details!) It was unbelievable. The Sweet Spot actually offers custom candy bars for events AND weddings… so if you’re a bride and you’re interested…definitely contact them!! The workshop started at 9am and we went until 6pm

orange and teal retro wedding

The Sugar Shoot | Part I

A Katelyn James Photography Workshop
katelyn james photography sugar shoot

It happened!

The SUGAR SHOOT happened and it was a success! 18 photographers from the Virginia, Delaware, Ohio, and Florida came together to attend this workshop and I couldn’t have been more honored…. or nervous. I mean……what if I talked too fast? What if my presentation didn’t work or just disappeared into computer land….. what if I wasn’t prepared enough… ALL of these questions entered my head at some point last week while I was getting ready for the Sugar Shoot. I’ll admit it, I was nervous. However, as soon as I met these amazing ladies…..I was reassured that this day was going to be incredible. Not because of what I had planned or what I was going to say…but because 18 like-minded

katelyn james photography sugar shoot wedding


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