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The New Pass

  • Why I Love It & Why It's for Everyone!

I don’t know everything about the New PASS, but I do know that it’s getting SO close to being released to everyone! And I know some features about PASS that are going to knock your socks off!! This year I made a list of the things that went really WELL in 2012. I also made a list of things the didn’t go so well in 2012 and that need to be fixed. A lot of the items on the “need to be fixed” list are being fixed with the new PASS! Yeaa! I wanted an easier way for my clients to download their images, I didn’t want to upload a separate Smugmug gallery for prints and I wanted to love the actual PASS gallery interface. The PASS team delivered!!

Jeremy + Ashley

  • The Posing Evolution | UNITED Class

UNITED, I offered a little breakout class for an hour and a 1/2 called “The Posing Evolution”… well, that’s what it was supposed to be called…. it went on the schedule as “Flow Posing”. Katelyn James’ “Flow Posing” class was later nicknamed “Flo-Po” by my dear friend Jeremy Kester. That nickname has now stuck and those that attended the class and are blogging images are now officially referring to it as “KJ’s Flo-Po”. Ha! That will NOT become the permanent name for this class! I’ve already printed the pamphlets! So what is the “Posing Evolution” you might ask? Well, I’m not sharing ALL of my secrets

New Coaching Dates!

  • May- Aug Dates Available

beautiful day in RVA!!! Bokeh woke up at 5:30am because it was thundering and he thought for sure we had an intruder and boy did he let us know it!! At 5:30 it was sleeting and NASTY outside… at 8am, it was a TOTALLY different story! We have SNOW!!!! AHH!!! I’m not going to ramble on and on because I’m sure I’ll be posting some snow pics sometime! It’s supposed to keep snowing through 11pm tonight! So today we’re announcing new coaching session dates! When we launched the idea of coaching sessions last May, we had no idea what we were getting into! The response was phenomenal and

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