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Amazing Abby

A Story Worth Sharing

Well this

wasn’t on the “blog calendar” for today…. and I’m more than ok with that. Tonight I was wasting time on Facebook and I saw a status that really caught me off guard. When I was first starting into the photography world, there were several photographers that used Showit that I remember checking out their sites. One of these photographers was Abigail Smith. She caught my attention because she was beautiful and she was a redhead!! I think we emailed a few times and left each other a few blog comments. We never met and we never knew one another in real life but she was a fellow

Workshop & Coaching Dates

Registration is LIVE!


CYBER Monday!! We’re off to get some things done at the DMV, don’t you envy us?! But before we sit in line for a ridiculous amount of time, I want to share that registration for TWO NEW WORKSHOP DATES and several COACHING DATES are now live!! We absolutely love the photographers that have come into our lives through coaching over the last year and a half and we’re excited to have even more friends join us in our home! Not only do we host coaching sessions in our home, we also host The Workshop Experience in our home as well!!

Black Friday Sale!

Albums and Seattle Coaching Huddle Seats on Sale!
black fridy sale

It’s hard

to believe that Thanksgiving is over! It JUST hit me that I should probably start being proactive about Christmas gifts!! Ah!! Well, like last year, we’re offering a SALE on our Legacy Wedding Albums!!! A large majority of our couples order albums with their package when they book with us but for those that still have them on their wish list, today is the day!! Legacy albums are 30% off now through Monday! Not only are Legacy albums on sale, we are also discounting SEATTLE HUDDLE seats to $500 through Monday as well!!

Rose Gold Inspiration

Styled Shoot | September 2013 Workshop Experience

When we

were building our house, we were really picky about our garage doors. This wasn’t because I was a crazy, first time home builder, it was because those garage doors were going to act as a workshop backdrop. Ha! You should have seen the look on our construction managers face when I said “We need the european style doors for photo shoots”. I’m sure that was a first!! Luckily we got the barn-like, european doors and they work perfectly as a clean backdrop for our styled shoot! Our neighbors probably think we’re crazy but that’s ok!!

ONA Giveaway!

Enter to win a Union Street ONA Bag!

We have

been on the hunt for the perfect “Man” bag for Michael since he joined me and went full time in January! We tried a few bags but they just weren’t the right fit. I thought maybe Michael was just super hard on them but it turns out that they we just hadn’t found the right high quality bag we were looking for!! Luckily, we were introduced to ONA and Michael has finally met his match!! And because this is about his bag, I’m going to let him do the rest of the talking!! This is Michael’s first blog post so show him some love and be sure to enter to win an ONA bag of your own below!!!


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