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coming to your city!!!! Well, eventually we hope to come to everyone’s city but for right now, we’re just starting with 3! Today we’re introducing COACHING HUDDLES!!! We couldn’t be more excited about this! For months now, Michael and I have been dreaming about the idea of COACHING HUDDLES. The goal of a Coaching Huddle is to provide a coaching opportunity for photographers a little closer to home as well as form a community (Or “Huddle” if you will) in their area. Huddles consist of 5-6 photographers who will join Katelyn for 8 hours of mentoring, problem solving and goal setting.

Recognizing the Difference

Our Industry vs. The World


have spent the last two days in the mountains working on a special project with our friends Buddy and Jill. Bud is an organic Chicken farmer and Jill is a wedding photographer. Our conversations over dinner in downtown Lexington turned towards the industry and how it’s changed so much since I first started shooting in 2008. I started in college and went full time when I graduated and so I never experienced the corporate world or ANY other world for that matter. I never worked in a cubicle or had a boss. I also never experienced what it’s like to work with colleagues that were striving for the same promotion as you.


September 2013 | Erin, Casey, Ashley, Amanda & Chad


hard to believe that I’m already posting September’s coaching sessions. I mean, how did that happen?! How are we almost done with the first week of October!? I LOVE FALL…. it’s my favorite time of the year! …. But it’s also our busiest season of the year here in Virginia. Brides just love to have fall weddings and I completely understand because we had a fall wedding!! :) However, I do wake up some mornings and wish that things would slow down a bit so that we could enjoy the season a little bit more.


August 2013 | Tara, Tamara, Sam & Ashley

You know

It has been a busy BUSY month when I’m blogging Coaching a MONTH late! WHAT?! That never happens!! These 4 women all spent time with us in August and we absolutely LOVED having them!! I feel like they were just walking into our home and starting their coaching session but in reality, it was a month ago! So needless to say, I need to share some of their head shots! Tamara, Tara, Sam and Ashley are all doing amazing things in their businesses and I feel so honored that I was able to help them grow and find steps to move forward!

The Workshop Experience

Behind the Scenes | September 2013


we dream of things and it takes a while to make those things become a reality. Last November I had a vision of what I wanted workshops to look like in the future but there were some pretty large tasks that would need to be taken care of if this was ever going to become a reality…. like buying a new house. Welp, almost 8 months later, that dream came true. This past week our house was filled with photographers from all over the east coast AND a few from the mid-west! Crazy right?! There were going to be 12 attendees but one of our friends had to backout last minute and we missed her!


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