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been on the hunt for the perfect “Man” bag for Michael since he joined me and went full time in January! We tried a few bags but they just weren’t the right fit. I thought maybe Michael was just super hard on them but it turns out that they we just hadn’t found the right high quality bag we were looking for!! Luckily, we were introduced to ONA and Michael has finally met his match!! And because this is about his bag, I’m going to let him do the rest of the talking!! This is Michael’s first blog post so show him some love and be sure to enter to win an ONA bag of your own below!!!

The Workshop Experience

November 2013 | Behind the Scenes


this is going to be SUCH a tease!! I can’t share the FULL styled shoot because it’s being submitted and we’re crossing our little fingers for a feature so that everyone’s hard work can be shown off to the world! :) I seriously can’t thank Amanda from Anthomanic and all of the fabulous vendors for making the shoot happen! That girl just continuously blows me away with her talent! I can’t wait to share the shoot!! I will be sharing the September workshop shoot soon and it was just beyond lovely so get excited!!


October 2013 | Caroline, Mathy, Rachel & Morgan


hard to believe that over 50 photographers have had coaching sessions with us in the last year and a half! It’s really quite humbling actually. I love teaching… from the bottom of my heart, I just love it! It’s such a blessing in my life and I feel like I’m right where I need to be when I’m helping other photographers grow and take steps forward. A photographer once asked “Isn’t spending 9:30am to 6:00pm helping people DRAINING?!!”. Well, I’m tired afterwards but it’s not draining… I actually get energy FROM people and so I love coaching days!


Seattle , Los Angeles, Las Vegas


coming to your city!!!! Well, eventually we hope to come to everyone’s city but for right now, we’re just starting with 3! Today we’re introducing COACHING HUDDLES!!! We couldn’t be more excited about this! For months now, Michael and I have been dreaming about the idea of COACHING HUDDLES. The goal of a Coaching Huddle is to provide a coaching opportunity for photographers a little closer to home as well as form a community (Or “Huddle” if you will) in their area. Huddles consist of 5-6 photographers who will join Katelyn for 8 hours of mentoring, problem solving and goal setting.

Recognizing the Difference

Our Industry vs. The World


have spent the last two days in the mountains working on a special project with our friends Buddy and Jill. Bud is an organic Chicken farmer and Jill is a wedding photographer. Our conversations over dinner in downtown Lexington turned towards the industry and how it’s changed so much since I first started shooting in 2008. I started in college and went full time when I graduated and so I never experienced the corporate world or ANY other world for that matter. I never worked in a cubicle or had a boss. I also never experienced what it’s like to work with colleagues that were striving for the same promotion as you.


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