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Wedding Wednesday

Sourcing Wedding Details


I was planning my wedding, I had no idea where to begin. I would see beautiful weddings in magazines and on blogs and I was just at a loss. Where do you FIND this stuff?! My wedding was a “Vintage Peacock Theme”! So a lot of my wedding decor came from thrift stores. However, my sister’s wedding wasn’t going to be vintage at all. It was a bit rustic but Emy didn’t want burlap and lace. She wanted a more classic farm wedding that wasn’t super DIY and I totally understood what she was envisioning.

Wedding Wednesday

A DIY Bride's Crucial Must-Have's


return of Wedding Wednesday posts are happening because I feel like a bride again. We’ve spent the last two weeks working on projects, collecting white porcelain platters and writing on chalkboards. My sister’s wedding is in 2 days. AH! And we’re so excited! Now I wouldn’t call be sister’s wedding full fledged DIY… but we did have a few projects that we needed to get done. We have hired my sweet friend and incredibly talented floral designer, Amanda Veronee to make Joe and Emily’s wedding really come together with color! And so we just needed to piece together some accents to carry the theme and add some unique elements to the day.

Wedding Wednesday

Engagement Guestbooks! Design, Order, Print!

4 years

ago I was planning my own wedding. I was ordering programs, painting frames, and designing my own engagement guestbook. Now, several years later, I’m doing this all over again… for my sister’s wedding! Emily and Joe get married NEXT FRIDAY! I can’t believe it’s almost here!! I took this week off to help her plan so that we aren’t super stressed next week. As we were planning and sitting down with Anna, our coordinator, the FedEx man delivered the engagement guestbook!! It’s gorgeous!

Wedding Wednesday

Engagement Session | What to Wear


of all, I know it’s not Wednesday. I may still be thrown off a little by our long trip to a different time zone but I DO know what day it is! The honest truth is this… this post was supposed to go up yesterday… on WEDNESDAY. However, I was speaking at a local high school’s photo class and I didn’t have time to get this post together before walking out of the door. So, I’m blogging a Wedding Wednesday post on a Thursday and I’m sure that’s going to drive some people CRAZY!! ha! Oh well.

Wedding Wednesday

Exclusive Engagements

I know

it’s not Wednesday. I debated whether or not this would be frowned upon by all of my type “A” blog readers who cringe at the thought of a “Wedding Wednesday” post on TUESDAY!!! It’s strange… but let me explain. I’m blogging from the passenger seat on my way home from a Maryland engagement and a quick sibling reunion in PA (thank GOODNESS for iPhones and personal hotspots!). I have three beautiful engagement shoots to share and I’m so excited that the blog is going to be all lovey dovey and colorful for the rest of the week! However, I REALLY wanted to share this post because I’ve answered a lot of emails regarding this


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